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AT&T HTC One X Review round-up

The AT&T version of the HTC One X is a bit different from the international version, coming with a less powerful CPU and half its storage, while supporting 4G LTE speeds. The international version comes with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3, while the AT&T one features a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4.

Right after people got their hands on the international version, it’s been called the best smartphone ever by many reviews, though let’s see if the AT&T device can get people to be that enthusiastic about it. Now let’s take a look at more reviews to see more opinions about it, including both upsides and downsides.

According to the tests made by Engadget, the AT&T HTC One X managed to surpass the international version in benchmarks. In Quadrant the AT&T version got 5183 points, while the international version only managed to score 4906. Actually, the international version has been surpassed even by the HTC One S, which scored 5,053, which means the quad-core is not so important. But even taking this into consideration, Engadget stated that “at $199, this is the best subsidized Android phone in the US today.”

AT&T HTC One XL VS HTC One X  vs HTC One S vs Galaxy Note

The IGN also declared it “by far the best Android phone to date, one which will be tough for any upcoming device to beat.” While they praised it for its design and display, it seems like they weren’t so satisfied about the camera. Unlike them, the AndroidAndMe guys really enjoyed the camera, while they thought its battery lifetime and storage are not enough for such a powerful smartphone. According to them these two are the only lacks the AT&T HTC One X has.

AndroidCentral resumed it very well, saying that it’s an excellent and very fast smartphone, only lacking a removable battery, microSD card slot and the ability to turn off LTE data, which could probably save more battery. They also weren’t so happy with the 16GB of internal storage, though they agree with Engadget that the AT&T version managed to score better than the international one in benchmarks.

According to PhoneArena‘s review , the AT&T HTC One X doesn’t take very good photos, especially in low light and it’s internal speaker’s quality is not very high.

In conclusion, everybody liked the smartphone and especially its display and speed. Some weren’t so satisfied about the camera, storage, lack of a microSD card slot and the non-removable battery.

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