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Moto X Now Available at AT&T, On-contract Price Is $199.99

The recently announced Motorola Moto X is finally available for purchase at AT&T. Just like the previous reports showed, AT&T is the first carrier to have the new Motorola flagship smartphone in stock, being available in white and black liveries for the moment.

Motorola advertised the Moto X as a smartphone “Designed by you,” but, for the time being, the Moto Maker website is not live. It seems that of the four major carriers in the US, AT&T will be the only one to sell the customizable Moto X variants, as Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile will only have the white and black variants on their shelves.

In case you are planning to grab the Moto X from AT&T, learn that you will have to pay $199.99 for it and also sign a two-year agreement with the carrier. Anyway if the contracts are not your thing, you can also grab the Moto X from AT&T at an unsubsidized price of $579.99. This is the price for the 16 GB model as the 32 GB version is not available yet.

Both the White Moto X and the Black Moto X models are available online and AT&T will ship them to you for free. Of course, the handset will also hit the AT&T store shelves soon and some Moto Maker kiosks should also also appear at certain locations.

The Moto X is is the first smartphone co-developed by Google and Motorola after the search engine giant acquired the Chicago-based phone maker mid 2012. Even though the terminal doesn’t have the hardware specifications of a 2013 high-end smartphone, its highly customizable design and unique software features like Active Notifiactions, always-on voice commands, gesture-based camera app, and Motorola Assist might be capable of transforming it into a popular product.

The Motorola flagship packs a 4.7-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a special Gorilla Glass layer called Magic Glass. What’s so special about Magic Glass? Well, the protective glass is wrapped around the edges of the smartphone for better protection, making the smartphone feel better in your hand.

Moto X’s hardware platform is based on a Motoroa X8 computing system, which is basically a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset customized by the Chicago-based company. Motorola says that X8 is using 2 cores for managing applications, while the other two remaining cores handle the natural language processing and contextual computing tasks.

The new smartphone also comes with 2 GB, 16 or 32 GB of internal storage and a 10 megapixel camera mounted on the back boasting ClearPixel technology with 1.4 µm pixel size and support for 1080p@30fps video recording.

After the Moto Maker website will go live, you will be able to create over 500 Moto X body designs, as you will be able to choose the color of the front panel (white or black), of the back lid (18 color options available), of the accents (volume rocker, power button, and camera rim), or even choose the wallpaper that ships with the smartphone or the color of the headset.

Are you planning ot grab the Moto X today, or are you waiting for the Moto Maker website to debut in order to “design it yourself?”

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