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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II gets a Leaked ICS Build

All the international versions of the latest flagship devices seem to be getting a lot of ICS attention from their mother companies or from the dedicated developer communities and this is also true for AT&T’s flagship devices. One of the bestselling Android devices AT&T has is the Samsung Galaxy S II and although it has been a bit ignored until now, it has just received a taste of ICS thanks to a leaked build. You may recall that AT&T has promised to update all of its Samsung devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in a timely fashion, so this might well be the leak that starts the updating frenzy.

Only a couple of days have passed since AT&T blessed us with an ICS leak for the Galaxy Note and it seems the US provider is doing rather well at making ICS update for Samsung made smartphones. This particular Android 4.0 ICS leak for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II is a fairly early one, and as such it does have its fair share of bugs, but thanks to the guys over at XDA Developers they are going to be sorted out soon enough.

Some other interesting details about this leak have emerged after the careful unpacking and studying process that took place at XDA, and amongst them the UCPLC5 build number. This build number also hinted that it was Android 4.0.3 that was used as the source of the OS, and not the recently improved version of Android 4.0.4.

If you are into flashing leaked builds on your device you may find it helpful that the lead ROM has already been rooted and deodexed to make it easier to flash, and if you want to join in the fun right now you can click this link here to download the AT&T leaked ICS firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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