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Learn How to Attach Multiple Files on any Android device

Having a smartphone is very important nowadays mostly because of the numerous capabilities and services that comes with such a device. But, this in not applying only when it comes to phones as during the past few years the tablet area has become more and more popular. Furthermore, with an Internet connection enabled on your device you can make everything you possible think.

That’s why in today’s guide we will discuss about how you can improve your gadget’s capabilities and how you can properly use its performances. Of course, this can be applied only on an Android based smartphone / tablet, so don’t try to do the same for devices that runs different platforms. To be more specific, I will show you how to attach multiple files on any Android devices. This operation can be completed in different ways, so I will detail just one of them. In case you know a better one, share it with us.

Recent researches are showing that most of the people aren’t imagining how life could be without having a smartphone in their pocket. And it’s easy to understand why. The advantages that come with a phone or a tablet are many. You can ease your job whether you are at home, walking or at work, then you can get in touch with your friends by using Social Networks, watch movies, listen to music, search for info on the web, use Google Maps, take pictures and so on. Mostly you can do almost the same things you can do with a classic computer or with a notebook.

Now, let’s talk about the email service which is provided on an Android powered device. As you might know, everything is perfect until you try to attach files. You are limited to attach only videos and photos and no other kind of files. This if you use the classic Gmail app designed to work on Android. The problem is not with videos and photos as there are many ways in which you can attach several in just one go (open gallery then select share with Gmail and then choose the files you want). What is harder to do is to attach files that are not images or videos; therefore during the following I will show you how to do this too. You will have to download an app from Google Play, but more aspects are detailed below.

How to attach any file to an email in Android

  1. Search on the Market for the app named Attachments [Gmail Attach] and download it on your device.
  2. Then, run the tool.
  3. Compose an email.
  4. For attaching a file tap on “menu” and select “attach”.
  5. A list of folders should be displayed; just search for the file you want to send.
  6. You will be able to attach documents, music, and so on.
  7. Also, you can rename the files you want.
  8. It’s easy to use as it will run automatically each time you try to attach a file on email.
  9. Unfortunately this app let you attach just one file at a time. For more files to an email in one go and read the next section.

How to attach several files on Android email in one go

For this you must search again on Google Play. This time look for the ES File Explorer. As its name, in fact the tool is a file explorer service and you will learn how to use it so you can attach more filles on one go, of course when you send an email.

  1. After downloading the app, you must run it (tap on top of it).
  2. A list of folders should open.
  3. Tap on the “Select button”.
  4. The pop up will notice you that you are about to make a multi-select option.
  5. Then, choose the files you want to send from the list.
  6. When finished click on the “menu” button.
  7. After that choose “operation” followed by “share”.
  8. Select Gmail, or the app you are using.
  9. The files should be attached.

That was our method for showing how to attach multiple files on any Android based device (smartphone or tablet). Try it and see if you like and found it useful. Remember that there are many ways in which you can complete this operation, so try to discover as many as possible. Stay tuned for more Android step by step guides; also, share your thoughts with us in the comments area from below.