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How to Automatically Adjust Volume Alerts to any Android devices

After we have showed you how to improve the audio quality form your Android powered device, today I will teach you how to manage your Android alerts in an easier way. Thanks to a new app from Android’s Google Play, you will be able to add automatic volume adjustment to your phone’s alerts, whether we are talking about ringtones, messages sounds, or even vibration levels. The tool is very handy and useful and comes with many interesting features. During the following we will be checking in how to install and use it on any Android based smartphone.

I know, from my personal experience, how awkward can it be when you are in a meeting, or at school, or at the theatre and your phone starts ringing. Everybody stares at you and you feel like you’ve done a real bad thing; and this only because you didn’t remember to turn off the phone’s notifications from the start. But these kinds of situations can now be easily avoided as you can have a tool that does the adjustments automatically. The best part is that it really works.

In a few words, the program, named RingDimmer, will lower down the volume levels of ringtones and alerts each time everything around you will be relatively quiet. This capability can be enabled and disabled easily and more important quickly, so you will find its benefits more than handy. The app is available on Google Play and can be downloaded in two versions: the free and the paid one.

Now, let’s see how to start using this tool on your Android device. Just take a look over the lines from below.

How to Automatically Adjust Volume Alerts to any Android devices

  1. First, go to the Market and download the RingDimmer app.
  2. Install the same on your handset.
  3. Open it.
  4. Check the box by Enabled.
  5. Choose how you want the alerts to be adjusted. You can make settings for any of the alerts along with the vibration levels. The volume adjustment will be made considering the ambient noise, the light and time of day.
  6. For saving the battery power you should disable the app when you don’t need it.

So, what do you say about this, do you find it useful enough in order to get it on your phone? I hope you do as it can save you from many awkward situations. Stay close for further Android tips and guides as we will update you with fresh info. Also, share if you have any issues related to the Android topic (in the comments are from below) and we will try to help you out.