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How to Backup / Restore EFS from any Android Samsung Device

After I have showed you how to backup and restore the Samsung Galaxy S3 EFS by using the one click method, today I will teach you another way for performing the same operation. This time, the step by step guide will be suitable for any Android based Samsung device, as you will use an app provided by those of xda-developers that can be installed on any Samsung handsets. In this way backing up the EFS folder will an easy task to complete, meaning that you can safely install custom ROMs and recovery images on your smartphones and tablets without being worried whether or not you will have network access afterwards.

The EFS folder contains important info about your phone, as the IMEI number of the device is being located on the same. Furthermore, each time you decide to update your Android based Samsung handset with a custom ROM, or beta firmware, the EFS might get wiped out. When this happens, you will not be able to have the network connection enabled, meaning that you can no longer use your smartphone. Therefore, for avoiding these unpleasant situations, it is recommended to first backup the EFS along with all the other data stored on your device. A backup is always well-received, so don’t hesitate and perform the same before changing or applying something on your gadget.

Now, as mentioned above, for being able to backup the EFS from any Samsung device, you will have to download, install and use a dedicated app, which is named simply, EFS Pro. But, for being able to use the EFS Pro tool, you need to have a rooted smartphone (the Android platform should be included of course); so, before heading to the download link from below, just gain root access over your phone’s internal system. Be aware though, as by rooting, the warranty will get void; you can restore the warranty by downgrading to the stock ROM or by updating to an official software released by Samsung and suitable with your device. Also, if you had lost the EFS and you cannot restore it, you should perform the same operations mentioned above (downgrading and so on) and you will be able to restore the EFS back to your phone.

In order to succeed with this operation, you will have to use a Windows powered computer (XP, Vista, 7) your Samsung device and its USB cord. Again, remember that the handset must be rooted. On the computer Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 must be installed, or else the EFS Pro app will not work. Once you download the file, just unzip it and then install it on your PC. Next, you have to take your device and connect it to your PC. You can backup the EFS folder by running the EFS Pro app and by following the prompts. For more aspects, details and for the features list of the tool, you should take a look here (this is also the download link for the EFS Pro app).

So, that was all, you now know how to backup EFS from any Android based Samsung device. Remember that there are more methods available for performing this operation, though the present one might be the easiest one as you only have to download and install a program on your computer. Anyway, do tell us how the method worked for you and share the related issues or problems with us and with other users by using the comments area from below.

  • confused noob

    How to Easily Root Galaxy Y S5360
    1st make backup which you need to root the device
    then in the page it says to make backup 1st before rooting
    so here we are trying to make a backup but wait

    it says need to root 1st to backup

    so how to root?

    need to backup 1st as caution but before backup need root

    can you see what im getting at?

    Backup and Restore your Android device Using ClockWorkMod Recovery
    How to Backup / Restore EFS from any Android Samsung Device
    How to Easily Root Galaxy Y S5360

    backup then root but backup 1st but need root but backup as caution to root but to root please backup 1st but to backup need to root 1st but then to root need to backup

    • hp

      Yes.. depending on the back up app. . The only 1 that I use is clockworkmod recovery..u will have to root 1st.. Then boot into clockworkmod recovery. . And create a back up of ur system to sdcard.. Then u go about installing custom roms..

  • robarto

    Thanks! going to try it!

  • gloalliance

    I have lost the EFS so will it work if i downgrade the firmware? thanks.

  • This is a terrible article. Just summarize it in a bullet list or a few sentences, not a wall of text.

  • maher

    i have samsong galaxy s4 zoom
    and i Lost efs folder
    so Please help me
    Tell me what to do?

  • Saad Ur Rehman

    I dont have a backup of my efs and my efs is currupted. Can i take a backup on my friend phone (same model) and restore on my device ??

    • Saad Ur Rehman

      My device is note 3 n900

  • Aleena Khan

    Hi guys I have samsung galaxy s5 sm g900f
    And in 3 month ago it’s work on sim network but now it’s doesn’t have sim network. ..please kindly help someone. .

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