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Best Android Alarm Clock Apps 2013

There are tons of applications that you can set to go crazy in the morning and help you wake up in time for work or school. In this post you’ll find some of the best free and paid Android Alarm Clock applications that were released until now.

Alarm Clock apps are easy to use and you shouldn’t have any problems with them. Test and then select the one that suits best to your needs, hopefully you’ll find a tool that you’re going to use for a long time from now. You might think that the default Clock app of Android operating system is enough, but you couldn’t be more wrong as there are tons of other tools that offer you a multitude of customization possibilities to improve the way you want to wake in the morning.

In this post you’ll find over ten different applications, most of them are free to download and installed, while others will require a small amount to be paid, so that you’ll unlock all its functions and features. You’ll find a description for each alarm clock application, as well as a direct Google Play Store link that should help you install the apps faster.

If you think that this list doesn’t comprise some other great Android Alarm Clock, then you can tell us in comments. We will test it and update the article accordingly.

doubleTwist Alarm Clock:

The doubleTwist Alarm Clock is one of the most popular and probably easiest app that you can use. It has been installed 500,000 times worldwide and it holds a Google Play Store rating of 4.4 out of a maximum 5. It works with any smartphone that’s running Android 2.2 and later versions and it has been created by ‘doubleTwist’ team.

You can choose from tons of alarm sounds and modes to help you wake up from deep sleep states. Set gentler sounds or use heavier tunes depending on your morning routine. There are two clock modes for you to choose from: flip clock and analog clock. Both modes have support for Nightstand Dim Mode, which works just like any regular nightstand alarm clock.

Choose from form different wake up modes: time, sleep cycle, quick nap and sunrise. You can also set more than one alarm for better productivity. Also, set recurring alarms for weekdays and weekends. Add Custom Labels, time pending until the next alarm is scheduled to ring, set snooze duration, alarm volume, adjustable fading, swiss clock live wallpaper included within. There are tons of other features, you can discover them only after testing the applications.

doubleTwist Alarm Clock is not free to download. Get it from Google Play Store here.

Also, there is a free trial version. Download it from here. Obviously, it has limited functionality.

Alarm Clock Extreme Free:

A digital alarm clock that features multiple other small tools such as the timer feature. A great thing about this application is the fact that it contains excessive snoozing functions that should prevent you from falling back to sleep.

Set the alarm to increase the volume slowly so that you will manage to wake easily without jumping straight out of the bed. Solve some math problems to disable the alarm or simply use the snooze button, if you don’t want to be bothered with solving any equations and such. Set a maximum number of snoozes, use music alarms, random song alarms, gentle alarm volume ramp up, shake to snooze or dismiss alarm, auto-dismiss, auto snooze function, analog clock widget that you can place on your home screen etc.

This application is free and you can use all the features and functions comprised within, but there will be ads. Before upgrading to the paid edition you should thoroughly test the Alarm Clock Extreme Free to see if would be a great alternative for any other alarm clock applications. AVG Labs is the team behind this app, it is supported on multiple Android OS versions.

Download Alarm Clock Extreme Free from Google Play Store here.


This small alarm clock app is the work of one individual, Fabian Lueghausen and it can be installed on all the phones and tablets that are running Android 2.1 or later versions.

A great thing about AlarmDroid is that is features the ‘flip and snooze’ function, which you can use to snooze and prolong your sleep by simply turning over the device.

The speaking clock is another nice touch added by the developers, as it speaks the time along with delivering info about the local weather state. You can even set internet radio stations as an alarm tune, which is one of its best features.

The rating score is currently set at 4.5 from almost 40,000 voters. It has been installed by more than 5 million users worldwide.

Download AlarmDroid for Android devices from Google Play Store here.

Smart Alarm Free:

Set multiple different alarms that will ring independently of each other, set one for weekdays and one for weekends or any other day/s of the week. It has support for US holidays which means that the alarm won’t ring for those specific days. It can use music that you have stored on your phone’s external storage which means that you can set any song you like as your default alarm sound.

Set the transparency setting and then you will be able to see the wallpaper of the app as background. Gradual alarm volume so that it won’t startle you. Change the sizes of the stop and snooze buttons, action that will prevent you from pressing the wrong button. Use a math problem and solve it in order to stop the alarm, this will prevent you from going back to sleep. There are tons of other small settings that you will find interesting while testing this app.

TanyuSoft are the ones that created Smart Alarm Free app for Android 2.1 and later versions. It measures only 701kb which means that you can use the mobile data to download it without worrying about exceeding your data plan.

Download the Smart Alarm Free app from Google Play Store here.

Sleep Time Alarm Clock:

Azumio Inc created this application and it offer some other features than the other apps listed in this post such as sleep cycle analyzer which is called Sleep Lab.

The Sleep Lab function uses your device’s accelerometer in order to detect any movement you make while sleeping. Based on these movements and its analysis, Sleep Time app will set off the alarm when you’re out of a deep sleep state, so that you will wake up more refreshed than you did until now.

You can set an alarm using a single custom gesture, alarm will ring even if you set your device to silent mode. There are over 20 built-in alarms and the Sleep Lab will help you analyze your sleep and check history and graphical comparisons to see if there are any improvements in your sleep pattern.

It has a very intuitive interface and it should be a problem using it on a daily basis. It holds a rating of 4.1 from a maximum 5 and it works with any Android device that is running Android 2.1 and later releases.

This is a free to use application and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store here.

I Can’t Wake Up:

The ‘I Can’t Wake Up!’ alarm clock application features the ‘Wake Up Tasks’, a tool that will force you to complete several tasks before being able to switch off the alarm. This is great for preventing oversleeping.

Use it to set multiple alarms, set alarms for weekdays and / or weekends, snooze functions. Its main features are as following: Smooth Wake Up, Snooze Music, Awake Test, alarms that can be set from ringtones, mp3, playlists etc. Another great thing about ‘I Can’t Wake Up’ app is the fact that you can select another application to start when you stop the alarm. If you’re in a phone call, then the alarm will be automatically disable and won’t start while you’re having an important talk.

The Awake Test can be found in this app and it is a great tool that will re-enable the alarm after you already stopped it. The alarm will be re-enabled only if you fail the Awake Test actions.

The Wake Up Tasks are as following: Math, Memory, Order, Repeat, Barcode, Shake, Pairs. Configure any of these tasks and test them without setting any alarm. A not-so-great thing about this tool is that it is only available in English.

I Can’t Wake Up! works with Android 2.1 and later versions. It is ad-supported, but you can get rid of them by purchasing the full version.

Download I Can’t Wake Up! free from Google Play Store here.

Download I Can’t Wake Up! Paid Version from HERE.

Circle Alarm:

This is a fast, intuitive and simple alarm clock that you can use as your default app to wake you up in the morning. It has been created by Timothée Jeannin, it is not the most popular alarm clock tool but it does its work successfully without using any annoying alarms or complex functions.

The main features of this app are as following: set any favorite songs or ringtones as the default sound, flip the phone to snooze the alarm, it tells you the time before the next alarm will start, long click the stop button to prevent disabling it by accident, fade in alarm volume. Set the alarm by simply using the Circle Time Picker UI.

It holds a very high Play Store rating, 4.7 from over 2000 different persons voting until now.

This is a small tool for Android that’s free to download and use.

If you want to test Circle Alarm for Android, then you should head to Google Play Store here.

Digital Alarm Clock:

Easy to use and it can also be used as a nightstand clock. Tons of customization options are comprised within, a speaking clock that you simply need to press and the time will be spoken by your device, fade in alarm, shake to snooze, set important dates and be reminded when you approach the saved dates, in app nightlight, on screen battery charging level, use it to silence all notifications during the night, set brightness and volume values for night and day usage etc.

Also, you can set it to automatically create and enable an alarm when you plug or unplug your phone from the charger or dock. This is a small alarm clock measuring only 2.5MB and it can be instaled on devices running Android 2.3 or later versions. Its Play Store rating is set to 4.3 from over 12,000 voters.

Download the Digital Alarm Clock app from Google Play Store here.

Alarm Clock PRO:

This is a great alarm clock designed by Caynax. It packs a multitude of features and functions that offers you exactly what you would expect from such application. I’ve chosen to list the PRO version of this app because it incorporates too many features that aren’t present in the Free version.

The PRO version of Alarm Clock PRO allows you to set annual, birthday and anniversary alarms so that you won’t forget any important dates in your life. Set an alarm that can be repeated every single month, there are no ads, shake the device to snooze the alarm, cyclic alarm repeat, sync data with Dropbox so that you won’t lose app info even if you change ROMs, resizeable widgets, lock screen widget placement support for Android 4.2 and later, snooze count up to 100 and multiple other features.

Download the Alarm Clock PRO from Play Store link here or test the free version here.

Sleep as Android:

This is an alarm clock tool that contains a sleep cycle analyzing and tracking tool. It offers you statistics about deep sleep and sleep deficit. Set any alarm sounds you like and use Captcha to snooze the device.

It will tell you if you’ve sleep talked during the night as it records sounds. You can also use the sharing functions to post info regarding your sleep patter to Facebook and Twitter. Here you can find two links, one is the Free Version of Sleep As Android, while the other one is a Play Store link that takes you to the app Unlocker page. Buy the full version if you want to use all the app functions.

Download Sleep as Android Free from Google Play Store link here.

Download Sleep as Android Unlock from here.

These are some of the best Alarm Clock applications that you can use on your Android device. If you can think of other applications that are better than the ones listed above, then you should tell us in comments and we will update the post.