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Best Android Apps of the Week: Vine, Google Now Launcher, NuMi, SwiftKey, and More

Earlier this year we promised to bring you the Best Android Apps on a weekly basis. Here we are more than half a year after and the Best Android Apps of the Week column is still here for you.

Our loyal readers may know that the Best Android Apps of the Week post contains both new and older apps. While the new apps are featured because they really worth checking, the older apps are featured because they receive noteworthy updates.

Some of the apps you will find in this post are free. Other may be payed apps and some might have in-app purchases. Without further ado let’s a look at this week’s best apps.

Vine – Free


I guess I don’t have to explain to anyone what Vine is, nor that it’s limited to mobile cameras and that you have a video recording time limit. The latest Vine update comes to address one of these issues.

If you see a Vine update notification it means that you will no be able to record higher quality videos using the app. The new update also improves the notification options with options to display Likes, Comments, Re-vines, Mentions, and Follows that are “tailored to you.”

It seems that the new version is also fixing the crashing issues for Samsung devices and improves the performance. You can download Vine from Google Play at this link.

Google Now Launcher – Free

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher debuted in Play Store a number months ago and it was available exclusively for Nexus and Google Play Experience devices. After an update it received last year, Google Now Launcher is compatible with any Android device running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher.

Google Now Launcher is created around the company’s highly-appreciated personal assistant which lives on the left of your home screen. Of course, you can also customize the number of screen panels.

Even though GNL worked on “unsupported” devices before courtesy of a hack, you will now be able to get it directly from Play Store. Here’s the link.

NuMi – Free


Nutrisystem’s NuMi aims to help you lose weight by tracking down your lifestyle. How it can achieve that? By logging your meals, water consumption, activities, and other stuff.

The NuMi Android app has a great user interface and is capable of making suggestions for over 300 different restaurant chains. It also comes with support for Fitbit and Jawbone bracelets.

Even though the NuMi app itself is free, you will need a paid membership to use it. You can download it from Play Store here.

NFL Mobile – Free

NFL Mobile

If you are an NFL fan then you probably have the Android companion installed on your device already. We are glad to announce you it has received an update last week.

The new NFL Mobile update arrives with a redesigned homepage and the ability to access scores, live video, fantasy teams, and news. It also adds local Sunday CBS and FOX games live streams for Verizon Premium, along with live stream of “Fantasy Live.” You will also be able to select a team to follow in addition to your favorite team.

NFL Mobile can be downloaded for free from Play Store at this link. You should also know that the app offers in-app purchases.

Hulu Plus – Free

Hulu Plus

You probably know that you can watch a limited section of Hulu’s content on their website even though you don’t have a subscription. Once you pay for HuluPlus you will be able to stream more content and access their Android app.

The Hulu Plus app got updated last week and it now allows free users to get access to some shows and content from other sources like Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, etc. Another limitation of a free account is that you won’t be able to stream content to other devices.

The HuluPlus Android app is free and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store at this link. Anyway, you will need a paid Hulu Plus membership to enjoy all its features.

Equalizer 4.0 – Free


Google unveiled Android L at I/O 2014 which brings the new Material Design philosophy. Now, the developers are trying to bring the new interface on their apps.

Equalizer, the popular Android app with over 10 million downloads, has been updated to version 4.0. The UI has received major tweaks bringing floating action buttons, more colors, and and Android L-ish animations.

Equalizer is available for free, but if you want to be able to add custom presets you will have to pay $1.99 for the pro key. You can download the free app from Play Store at this link.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos 3.3 – Free

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

There are lots of apps for backing up your photos in the cloud and Amazon has one, too. Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos has been updated to version 3.3.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos 3.3 introduces a new timeline view mode that allows you to find older photos with ease. There’s also a slide-out menu on the right side that shows months and years and makes navigation easier.

Amazon’s cloud backup solution is capable of uploading photos in the background automatically and the upload can be limited to a WiFi network. It offers 10 GB of free storage and it can be downloaded from Play Store at this link.

Yahoo Finance 2.0 – Free

Yahoo Finance

It looks like Yahoo is redesigning their Android apps. After Yahoo Weather a new face, Yahoo’s Finance received a new UI with version 2.0.

Yahoo Finance 2.0 gives you access to your persona stocks, news, markets, trends, and to interactive graphs. Anyway, the whole interface is a huge step forward from the previous version.

Yahoo Finance is free. You can download it from Google Play Store here.

StumbleUpon 4.0 – Free

Yahoo Finance

The StumbleUpon Android app has been updated last week. Version 4.0 introduces a lot of new features so it’s worth checking it out.

StumbleUpon 4.0 brings improved Activity Center, new Notification Menu with one tap access to your likes, lists, interests, and followers, better browsing, and sharing via SMS. It also brings the ability to add to list in two tabs with the help of the quick menu and discover lists easier.

The StumbleUpon 4.0 update is now being rolled out to users. You can check it out in Play Store at this link.

SwiftKey – Free


SwiftKey is, in my opinion, the best Android keyboard. Well, it just got better with the roll out of version

According to the official changelog for SwiftKey, the new update brings improved typing performance, translations, keyboard loading time, and flow performance. It also brings various fixes like Yahoo! personalization and the issue that was making the background disappear in some themes.

SwiftKey is now available for download for free in Google Play Store here. Anyway, if you want certain themes you will have to pay for them.

LinkedIn 3.4 – Free

LinkedIn 3.4

Last week, LinkedIn got updated to version 3.4. Among others, the new version changes the way profile pages look.

LinkedIn 3.4 also allows you to edit the profile page more easily. How? They will guide you through the process. It also allows you to check your favorite schools’ pages directly from the app.

If you have LinkedIn installed on your Android device, you might have gotten the update already. You can check the app in Google Play Store at this link.