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Best Android Apps of the Week: TimePIN, Google Search 3.2, Talon for Twitter, and More

It’s already Monday and this means that we are here to bring you another round of the Best Android Apps of the Week. If you aren’t already one of our loyal readers, you should, because this weekly column will help you discover some of the best apps that made it into the Play Store over the past week, as well as the apps that received noteworthy updates. You should also know that this isn’t a top, as each app is useful in its own way. Let’s have a look at them.

TimePIN – Free


If you fear about your Android device’s security, I am sure you will love TimePIN. So far, Android allows you to secure your lockscreen with either Face Unlock (which only works in bright environments), Pattern (which can be guessed by looking at the trails your finger left on the display), PIN, or Password. The PIN and Password seem to be the most secure authentication methods, but anybody can learn it by peering over your shoulder.

TimePIN is a tool that will regularly change the access code (PIN) of your Android terminal and you will be the only person in the room to know what it is. How does it work? Well, it’s based on the digits on your system clock. For example if you want to unlock your device and the time is 11:42, then the access code will be 1142. If you return one minute later (at 11:43), then the PIN will be 1143 and so on. TimePIn will also allow you to make the PIN more complex, like reversing, mirroring, or doubling the system clock digits.

The developer of TimePIN said that even more patters will arrive soon, in order to make your Android device even more secure. TimePIN is free in Google Play Store, but if you want the Pro version (which brings all of the current and future pattern modifires) you will have to pay $1.99. You can also unlock TimePIN Pro by finding an unknown bug then email it to jcase@cunninglogic.com.

Snapdragon Glance (Beta) – Free

Snapdragon Glance

A while ago, Qualcomm released the Battery Guru app which promised to improve your battery life and that only worked with Snapdragon-powered. Now, they’re back with a new app and this time it has nothing to do with your device’s battery life.

Called Snapdragon Glance Beta, the new app looks at the way you are using your smartphone and builds an intelligent lockscreen for you. It shows your appointments, contacts you’re using on a regular basis, frequent apps, and the weather, all these based on your usage data. Since Battery Guru is required, Glance will only work with the Snapdragon-powered Android devices.

Because it’s currently a Beta, Glance might have some hick-up when it comes to visuals or functionality, but these will most likely be fixed by future updates. Snapdragon Glance (Beta) is free and it can be downloaded form Google Play using this link.

Foodler – Free


If are getting food delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis, then you might want to check Foodler app. Foodler it’s an online delivery service that searches through your local restaurants, all these with an orange holo UI.

You’ll find that that the Foodler offerings are very limited in certain regions, but if you leave in Boston (that’s where the company is based), you’ll find lots of restaurants to choose from.

If you want to try Foodler you can grab it for free from Google Play Store at this link.

NBC News 5.0 – Free

NBC News 5.0

NBC has finally updated their Android News app. NBC News has reached version 5.0 which brings a completely overhauled design. The new NBC News uses the card-style UI you’ve also seen on most of the news apps that received design updates. If you don’t have it on your device already (in which case you will receive an update notification), you can download NBC News 5.0 for free from Google Play Store.

NBC Breaking News – Free

NBC Breaking News

Looks like the folks at NBC are updating their Android apps, as after their main news received a new face, now it’s time for NBC’s Breaking News app to get a major upgrade.

Besides getting a new face, NBC’s Breaking News 2.0 also allows you to personalize your news alerts and mute any topic you aren’t interested in. You can find the updated app here.

Google Search 3.2

Google is constantly looking to improve the user experience of their services and now it’s time for Google Search Android app to receive new features. Now that it reached version 3.2 and because the Sochi Olympics are currently undergoing in Russia, Google Now, which is a part of the Google Search app, will display a quick schedule and/or results card in the Knowledge Graph area for any Olympics-related search.

You’ll also get a Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics card that shows links to medal standings or upcoming events. The update is already available in Google Play Store, but if didn’t receive it already you would probably like to download and install the Google Search 3.2 APK from this article.

Path 3.4 – Free

Path 3.4

If you think that you don’t have enough social media accounts already then you should try Path, especially now that their Android app has been updated to version 3.4. Unlike other social networks who encourage you to become friends with as many people as you can, Path wants you to strengthen your relationship with a limited number of users.

The Path 3.4 update will now allow you to record videos (up to 30 seconds), apply various filters on them, then share them with your friends.

You can try Path 3.0 by following this link to Google Play. The app is free.

Talon for Twitter 1.3 – Free

Talon for Twitter

A few weeks ago, one of the apps we featured in our Best Android Apps of the Weeks column was Talon, a pretty neat Twitter client. Since then, Talon has became on of the best Twitter clients in Play Store and it has now reached version 1.3, which besides the usual bug fixes brings tons of new features.

The full list of changes can be found on Talon for Twitter Google Play Store page (by the way, it costs $1.99), but some of the most important are TwitPic, TweetMaker, and TwitLonger support. You’ll also be able to enjoy URL shortening, and many other cool features.