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Best Android Apps of the Week: Chrome Beta 35, SoundCloud 2.8, Carousel, Netflix 3.3, and More

Earlier this year, we’ve started our weekly column called Best Android Apps of the Week, which aims to introduce you to new apps that were launched in Play Store and to those who already existed but received noteworthy updates.

Because today it’s Monday we’re back with another round of Best Android Apps of the Week. Because there are tons of new apps launching and getting updated in Play Store each week, we’ve only chosen the ones we considered to be useful for all of us.

CF.lumen – Free


If you’re currently using f.lux on your PC you would probably enjoy’s Chanifire’s CF.lumen app, too. CF.lumen requires root access and Android KitKat+, being an app designed to make your smartphone’s screen less annoying to eyes during night.

CF.root is capable of adjusting your display’s color temperature based on the time of the day and your light sources, to “reduce your brain’s effort to keep you awake at night.”

Of course, you can override CF.lumen’s settings at anytime and even apply additional color filters to your device’s screen. The app is available for free in Google Play.

Chrome Beta 35 – Free

Chrome Beta 35

It’s nice to see that Google is searching new ways to improve their Android web browser and, as usual, the new features are made available for the Beta version first.

Updated to version 35, Chrome Beta brings improved videos with better HTML5 controls, Samsung multi-window support, and a new “Undo” button to un-close a tab (working like the Ctrl+Shitft+T shortcut on Chrome for Windows).

You don’t have to do anything special to get Chrome Beta on your Android device. All you need to do is download the app here.

Yahoo Mail 3.1 – Free

Yahoo Mail 3.1

Yahoo updated their official Mail client for Android to version 3.1, the new update aiming to improve the security of the app.

According to the official changelog, Yahoo Mail 3.1 is now blocking images by default (can be changed in Settings), it brings draft auto recovery, improves contract suggestions, and, of course, brings bug fixes.

Yahoo Mail is a free app and it can be downloaded from Google Play at this link.

SoundCloud 2.8 – Free

Soundcloud 2.8

SoundCloud 2.8 update arrives with a couple of interface tweaks along with the usual bug fixes.

The changes include white tabs, re-located artist names and song titles, and new search results with hastags integration. You’ll also find design changes for Explore, playlists, and swipe to refresh option.

You can check out the app in Google Play Store at this link. It’s completely free.


Dropbox has launched new app that goes hand in hand with their cloud storage service.

Called Carousel, the new application compatible with Android devices is in fact a gallery app that is meant to organize the photos and videos you uploaded to Dropbox.

Dropbox’s Carousel is completely free and it can be grabbed from Google Play Store at this link.

Mailbox – Free


Besides the Drobox-compatible Gallery app, the cloud storage service as also launched a mail client.

Mailbox currently has support for Gmail and iCloud accounts. Most of the Mailbox actions are performed using swipe gestures: short swipe to the right archives, while a long swipe to the right deletes a mail.

The new app also has the ability to schedule mails to be re-delivered later, add them to lists, has support fro threaded conversations and Gmail labels.

There are of course eve more interesting Mailbox features and you can check them yourselves by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

Pocket 5.4 – Free

Pocket 5.4

The read it later app, Pocket, just got updated to version 5.4, which is now available for download in Google Play Store.

Pocket 5.4 arrives with five new languages (Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese), makes use of the new immersive mode on Android 4.4 KitKat, brings a couple of layout and typography tweaks, and Automatic adjustments to layout and formatting.

You should have gotten the Pocket 5.4 by now, but you should make sure you are running the latest version in Play Store (link above).

United Airlines 2.0 – Free

United Airlines 2.2

The official United Airlines official app just got updated to version 2.0, and the first thing you’ll probably notice is the “all-new Android friendly design.”

Among others, the new update also brings improved booking search results, multi-segment award booking, improvements for the calendar section of flight search, new seat map design, new mobile boarding pass display with enhanced multi-passenger view, and streamlined flight status look and feel.

Check United Airlines 2.0 app for free, directly from Google Play Store.

Netflix 3.3 – Free

Netflix 3.3

If you’re using Netflix’s Android app with a Chromecast device you might want to have the new updated on your smartphone/tablet.

Netflix 3.3 arrives with “enhanced second screen experience” and “playback optimizations,” and you won’t find anything special besides that. Anyway the second screen experience has been drastically improved, so the app is now more suited for Chromecast streaming.

While Netflix itself is a subscription based service, their Android app is completely free. Get it from Google Play at this link.

Dropbox 2.4 – Free


The Dropbox Android app has been updated to version 2.4, which, even though is not a major update, it’s worth checking it out.

According to the official changelog Dropbox 2.4 resolves issue preventing 3rd party app authentication and adds the possibility to set up Dropbox on your computer using your phone’s camera.

The developers also changed the app’s icon and the icons for files and folders. Here’s a link where you can download Dropbox 2.4 from.

Today Calendar – Free / $2.99

Today Calendar

Today Calendar is now out of beta, but the full version is celebrated with look improvements and new features.

If you had the beta version on your Android device you should be able to notice a new color scheme, which make Today Calendar look way better than the stock Android Calendar app. Furthermore it also combines the full calendar with an agenda at the bottom.

You can check the Today Calendar Trial app for free at this link, then if you really like it, buy the full version for $2.99.

Shazam 2.6 – Free / $5.59


Shazam 2.6 update further improves the auto-scrolling lyric function by adding support to a more natural portrait layout and more readable text.

The new update also brings improved integration for Rdio, thus, if you’ve linked a Rdio account to Shazam, you can now add identified songs to your Rdio playlists. You should also notice minor visual changes to song and album pages.

If you choose the free Shazam version you’ll encounter adds, but Shazam Encore can get you rid of them for $5.59.