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Best Android Apps of the Week: Instagram 6.0, Netflix, Hodor Keyboard, Talon 2.4, and More

If you are one of our loyal readers you may already know about our weekly column called Best Android Apps of the Week. If you are new here, you should know that in the Best Android Apps of the Week article you will be able to find noteworthy apps that were released in Google Play Store in a week’s time.

Besides new apps, you will also come across older and established apps that received important updates over the past week. Some of the apps are free, others are payed, and some have in-app purchases.

But let’s cut the chit-chat and have a look at the Best Android Apps of the Week.

Flickr 3.1 – Free

Flickr 3.1

Among other new features, rhe new Flickr 3.1 update brings the ability to share full albums directly from the app. Beginning with the new version you will be able to share albums over Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, or SMS.

In Flickr 3.1 you will also be able to edit a photo’s tags, safety level, and location directly from the info screen. The new Flickr update also adds the option to browse other people’s profiles in justified view, while group admins can invite a photo to a group. The new version also arrives with performance improvements and bug fixes.

The Flickr 3.1 update is already being rolled out to users, but if you want to check its Play Store page click this link.

Netflix – Free


The most recent update for Netflix’s Android app arrives with a new feature called “post-play” experience.

The so-called “post-play” experience appears before a new episode, showing the user the number and the title of the next episode, along with a new “play next episode” button. For the time being, the “post-play” experience feature is not available for Chromecast.

Here’s the Netflix Play Store link. As you may know, the Android app is free but requires a Netflix subscription.

Hodor Keyboard – $0.99

Hodor Keyboard

The Hodor Keyboard costs $0.99 and it’s available for download in Google Play at this link. The Hodor keyboard allows you to speak like Hodor.

The installation process is pretty straightforward and you can even long press for “maximum Hodor,” swipe left to “unHodor a Hodor,” or swipe right do delete a character. In fact, I’ll try installing it right now and hodor hodor hodor hodor. HODOR!

Hodor, hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor. Hodor hodor! Hodor? Hodor hodor hodor, hodor.

Chrome Remote Desktop – Free

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop got updated to version 36 over the past week. As you may know Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to control your computer from your Android device and the experience got even better.

The new update brings immersive mode to devices running Android 4.4 and later. So far the “x” button in the top right corner only hid the action bar, but now there’s a full screen button that brings immersive mode on your device while using Chrome Remote Desktop.

The new update is already rolling out for users. You can check it in Google Play Store, too.

YouTube 5.7 – Free

Youtube 5.7

YouTube has reached version 5.7. The new update is now being pushed to users and most of you will actually enjoy the new feature.

The new YouTube version adds the ability to choose between video resolutions. Before the new update the users could only choose between HD/HQ on or off. Now you will be able to choose from resolutions between 144p and 720p. Yes, that’s right, no full HD or 4K options for the time being.

You can check the latest YouTube 5.7 update in Google Play Store at this link.

Hangouts – Free


Google decided it’s time to add a handful of new features to Hangouts, therefore they issued a new update.

The new Hangouts version brings unified SMS block list, the ability to set custom notification tones for individual contacts, and to hide contacts list. You should also notice the new keyboard indicator button to switch between numpad and full keyboard layouts, while the contact photos pull up contact card instead of linking to Google+. Furthermore, Group hangouts now say “Send to group” instead of “Send Hangouts.”

You can check the new Hangouts update in Play Store at this link.

Talon for Twitter 2.4 – $1.99

Talon for Twitter 2.4

Talon, the popular Twitter client, has been updated to version 2.4 and it’s a pretty major update.

The new Talon version arrives with Android Wear support, the ability to translate tweets (redirects to website), view multiple images in a tweet, and to schedule tweets from the compose window. You will also be able to automatically queue tweets to send from the compose window when data connection is established or to filter in “top tweets” when searching.

There are a couple of other improvements, too, and if you want to check them head to the Talon for Twitter Play Store page.

Nova Launcher 3.0 – Free

Nova 3.0

The popular Nova Launcher received a pretty huge update, reaching version 3.0. Even though there aren’t any major interface tweaks there are a couple of useful additions in terms of functionality.

The most important new feature for Nova Launcher 3.0 is the “OK, Google” hot word. Just like Google Now Launcher, Nova 3.0 will launch Google search if you say “OK, Google” while in the lockscreen. Unfortunately, the “OK, Google” hot word only works for smartphones running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later.

You can check Nova Launcher in Google Play Store at this link.

Instagram 6.0 – Free

Instagram 6.0

The popular photo-sharing Android app got updated to version 6.0, which arrives with “advanced” editing tools.

After you update to version 6.0 you should be able to see a wrench icon that appears after you select a filter. Once you tap it you will be able to manually adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation and more.

You can check the new Instagram 6.0 update in Google Play Store at this link.