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Best Android Apps of the Week: Pushbullet 13.3, Pry-Fi, FlickKey Keyboard, and More

Today it’s Monday and this means that we are ready to bring you another edition of our Best Android Apps of the Week column. As we promised three weeks ago, we are ready to deliver you the best Android apps that were released in Google Play over the last week, along with the already-existing apps that received note-worthy updates.

While everybody is gossiping about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the red Nexus 5, we though we should give the rumors a break and show a handful of apps that you would probably enjoy on your Android device. Here we go!

[root] Pry-Fi – Free

If you are worried about your privacy the well-known developer Chainfire might have a solution for your rooted Android device. As you probably know, the Android devices broadcast information about their location, movement, and habits which can be picked-up by bad-intentioned individuals. Chainfire’s Pre-Fi app aims to limit that, at least WiFi-wise. Oh, and your Android device needs to be rooted in order to be able to use Pry-Fi.

Chainfire has detailed in this Google + post how Pry-Fi works and how it is able to limit the information sent by your Android device. The main idea is that Pry-Fi is constantly pseudo-randomizing your MAC address which fools the above-mentioned bad-intentioned individuals into believing that you are a different person each time they’re trying to sniff your Android device. Even so, you will be able to automatically connect to trusted WiFi networks and use location-aware apps like Google Now or Facebook, so you will be able to keep your WiFi turned on without fearing for your personal security.

The developer notes that Pry-Fi is currently a proof of concept and that it still needs some work, in the same time showing that its functionality is possible in future Android releases.

Pry-Fi is available for download for free in Google Play and don’t forget to let Chainfire know about the bugs you are encountering in this XDA forum thread.


Pushbullet 13.3 – Free

Pushbullet has been featured in two of the last three Best Android Apps of the Week editions, confirming what we already knew: that the Pushbulled Inc team is putting a high amount of work behind their app in an attempt to make it even more user-friendly and useful.

Last week, Pushbullet 13.2 brought a new feature that allowed users to sync their Android device’s notifications with their computers via Chrome notification center. The latest update, which brought Pushbullet to version 13.3, is more about looks and bringing translations for new languages.

After you update your Pushbullet app to version 13.3 you will be able to enjoy Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese translations, along with transparent notification bar which looks magnificent on KitKat-powered devices.

That’s all. You can download Pushbullet 13.3 from Google Play store using this link, or you can simply update your existing app from your Android device.

Pushbullet 13.3


TouchOfModern – Free

In case you don’t know it already, Touch of Modern is an online catalog of products that are all characterized by a common trait: innovative design. Touch of Modern is more like a club, but the great news is that it’s free. The even better news is that it now has an Android app, which will keep you up to date with the latest offers. The prices of the products listed in Touch of Modern are discounted up to 70% off the retail price, but sometimes the shipping times can exceed one month. Besides that, they only ship in the US and Canada.

Here’s the link to the TouchOfModern Android app. It’s free and it’s available in Google Play Store.


FlickKey Keyboard – Trial

Since the modern Android smartphones have ditched the ugly physical QWERTY keyboards, the virtual keyboards are the only way to input text with a touch screen. Swype is one cool and useful way to enter text and, undoubtedly, SwiftKey is the most popular options when it comes to gesture-based keyboards.

FlickKey is trying to improve gesture-typing even further by  grouping letters into square groups of nine, aiming to reduce the distance your fingers slide across the screen. FlickKey is somewhat the love child of classic typing and swiping as you need to place your finger down on a square and swipe from the center to enter surrounding letters. It even comes with support for tablet landscape.

FlickKey is available for download in Google Play Store (this is the link to it). If you install it now you get 60 days of trial, then after the trial expires you can purchase it.

FlickKey Keyboard


MIXTRAX App – $1.99

Pioneer’s MIXTRAX app is the DJ you always wanted to bring to your party, but you couldn’t afford. Let me tell you how it works.

MIXTRAX creates a playlist based on the tracks and albums saved on your device’s storage or SD card, based on beats per minute and melody. Furthermore, it will merge them seamlessly, and the switch between tracks will sound like a professional DJ is mixing for you. Generating playlists is relatively simple. All you need to do is inform MIXTRAX which of your tracks to use in order to generate the playlist with similar tracks.

The bad news is that the process lasts so long that Pioneer advises you to use a charger while generating the playlists, or connecting your device to the PC and use the free MIXTRAX desktop app.

MIXTRAX App is currently $50 off in Google Play, having a price of $1.99. The offer lasts until February 28th, so if you want to download it your device use this link.



Android Device Manger – Free

The Android Device Manger app is pretty useful if you happen to misplace your Android device. Well, the folks at Google have recently updated it to make it safer in case someone gets his/her hands on your Android handset. As you may know Android Device Manger hots some sensitive information about your terminal, so after the update it will prompt you to provide a password each time you open the app.

Of course, you will be able to instruct Android Device Manger to never ask for your password again by checking the “never ask again” box. The update should be available for you in Google Play, but if I wasn’t made available for your device yet, you can download the official APK from this article.

Android Device Manger