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Best Android Apps of the Week: Retrica, Google Camera, Flickr 3.0, and More

Here’s a new edition of our weekly Best Android Apps column. Every week we’re trying to feature the best apps that were launched in Google Play in a seven days time, but also those that received noteworthy updates.

Over the past week Google has updated some of its own apps, while Flicker and Adobe Photoshop received new features and bug fixes. For some reason there weren’t too many new and noteworthy apps released over the last few days.

TripIt Travel Organizer 3.5 – Free / $0.99

TripIt Travel

TripIt Travel Organizer does exactly what it’s name suggests. Organizes your trips. The app has gotten updated to version 3.5, therefore receiving a new card-based interface and support for Gingerbread devices.

You can use TripIt to schedule your flights, check public transit, hotel, and restaurant info. The app is free and it can be downloaded from Google Play at this link. If you want to get rid of the annoying adds, you need to pay $0.99 and if you want features like real-time flight tracking or seat selection you need to pay for a $49 yearly subscription.

Flickr 3.0 – Free

Flickr 3.0

Flickr for Android app has reached version 3.0, bringing interface tweaks, easier searching and other new features.

The new Flickr version allows user to capture and edit up to 30 of HD video and apply filters to them directly in the app. Besides the faster search experience you’ll also get simpler navigation tools, redesigned photostream, and detailed photo data.

Flickr 3.0 is now live in Google Play Store so check it out at this link.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.2 – Free

Photoshop 2.2

Adobe’s Photoshop Express app received new features courtesy of a new update that brings it to version 2.2.

The new update arrives with support for adding borders, frames, and edges, pet eye correction, improved navigation, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.2 is completely free and it can be grabbed from Google Play Store at this link.

Google Calendar – Free

Google Calendar

Google is now rolling out the v201404011 update for their Calendar app and it’s a major one.

The new version arrives with location suggestions from places known to Google Maps, a feature borrowed from the web version. Furthermore, if one of your meetings have video calls enabled, you can now join the Hangout directly from the Google Calendar app.

These are really important and useful features. You can find the new version in Play Store at this link.

Chrome Remote Desktop – Free

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re not a fan of TeamViewer for Android you might want to try the new Chrome Remote Desktop app developed by the folks at Google.

The Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to control your Windows computer from an Android device and we discovered to our surprise that it works quite well. In order to make it work you’ll need to install the app on your Android device from Google Play Store and the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store on your PC.

You’ll be afterwards required to accept the privacy settings and provide a PIN, then you’ll be able to control your Windows PC from your smartphone or tablet. If you happen t provide the wrong PIN on your Android device, the access to Remote Desktop will be banned for about thirty seconds. Go ahead, give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Google Camera – Free

Google Camera

The folks at Google have released a new Camera app in Google Play Store. It’s compatible with phones and tablets running Android 4.4 KitKat or later and it’s way better than the stock camera app.

The new app brings Photo Sphere to all devices, Lens Blure mode, high-resolution Panorama, while getting rid of the annoying tap-and-hold settings panel. Even though it brings less options than the stock camera app, I think the new Google Camera more useful  to the users who simply point and shoot.

You can download and install Google Camera from Google Play Store at this link.

Youtube 5.6 – Free

Youtube 5.6

Google’s Youtube app has been updated to version 5.6 and, among bug fixes and improvements, received the ability to cast live videos.

This isn’t a major update, but we are sure you’ll enjoy the improved Watch Later UI. The Youtube 5.6 should be live in Google Play. You can check it at this link.

Retrica – Free


Retrica was available on iOS for a while and now it made it to the Play Store, too.

Retrica has a nice interface and I am sure that those of you who take tons of photos with your smartphone will enjoy its wide range of filters and photo editing options.

The app is free but it comes with adds. If you really like Retrica you can get rid of the adds and get 25 new filters for only $1.99. Here’s the link to Google Play Store.