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Best Android Apps of the Week: SwiftKey 6.0, Android Auto 1.4, Firefox 42, and More

It’s Monday and we are back with our Best Android Apps of the Week post. Even though lots of apps are being released in Play Store on a daily basis, only a handful of them are truly worthy of an install. We’ve dug through the Google Play store latest releases so you won’t have to and we’ve came up with the list below.

If you are a loyal reader, you might know already that in the Best Android Apps of the Week post you will be able to find both new apps and older ones that received major updates. Furthermore, while some of the apps listed below may be free, some might have in-app purchases or could require a fee in order to allow you to install them.

We hope that our Best Android Apps of Weeks post will help you find some apps that will improve your Android experience. Furthermore, we invite you to let us know in comments whether you believe that certain apps should have been included on our list.

Today Calendar 4.0 – Free

Today Calendar

There are quite a few calendar apps in Play Store, but Today Calendar is one of the best. Last week it received a pretty major update.

The update brings Today Calendar to version 4.0. The biggest addition to Today Calendar 4.0 is the natural language processing support, which will enable you to input events using natural language. For example you can say “Party at John’s house, next Friday at 8 PM.”

Today Calendar can be downloaded for free. You can check out the app in Play Store here.

SwiftKey 6.0 – Free

SwiftKey 6.0

SwiftKey is my favorite third party keyboard and I get excited each time a new update arrives. Last week, SwiftKey got updated to version 6.0 and the improvements are pretty cool.

The highlight of the SwiftKey 6.0 update is the double-word prediction which will show you two words predicted at once. The update also comes with redesigned emoji panel, revamped settings menu, new languages, and more. Of course, the update brings some bug fixes and performance improvements, too.

The SwiftKey 6.0 update is already being pushed to users. You can download the app from Play Store here.

Hivemapper – Free


If you happen to own a drone, you might want to check out Hivemapper. This is basically a map of the obstacles and the places you aren’t supposed to fly your drone to.

Hivemapper boasts about knowing over 20 million building boundaries, 16,000 no-fly zones, and 15 million points of interest in the US. You should know that the app only works with compatible drones such as DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 2, and Inspire 1.

Hivemapper is available for free. You can grab it from Play Store here.

Google Wallet 11 – Free

Google Wallet 11

Even though Google released Android Pay, the Google Wallet app is still available in Play Store, serving different purposes. Last week it got upgraded to version 11.

Even though Google Wallet allowed multiple credit and debit cards to be added, users were limited to one bank account. Well, the limit is gone in version 11. The update also brings a “Lock Now” button for securing your app. There are also some bug fixes and minor UI tweaks.

The latest Google Wallet update is already rolling out. You can check out the app in Play Store here.

Android Auto 1.4 – Free

Android Auto 1.4

Cars with Android Auto support are already roaming the streets and if you happen to own one of those cars you probably have the Android Auto app installed on your phone. Last week, the app got updated to version 1.4.

Version 1.4 brings a pretty big redesign to the Android Auto app. The update also brings the ability to better manage your previously connected cars. There’s a gear icon in the action bar that can be used to open a list of accepted and rejected vehicles. You can change a decision (if you authorized or rejected a car) by swiping it left or right.

Android Auto version 1.4 is already available for download. You can grab it from Play Store here.

Google Drive – Free

Google Drive

As you may know, Google’s cloud storage service is called Drive and since it’s a Google product it has a app client in Play Store. Last week, Google Drive got updated to a new version.

Even though the new update doesn’t bring any major interface changes, it’s aimed at improving the file sharing experience. You will now be able to get access to file easier and even preview files in Drive while being logged out.

The latest update enables Google Drive to send notifications when files or folders are being shared with you. You will also receive notifications when someone asks you to grant him access to a file.

The new Google Drive update is already rolling out. You can grab the app from Play Store at this link.

Firefox 42 – Free

Firefox 42

Firefox is without a doubt one of the most popular web browsers available in Play Store. Last week it got updated to version 42 and it’s pretty major.

Firefox 42 brings support for Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, the latter one being basically an add blocker. You also get the ability to open external URLs from Android apps in the background, family-friendly browsing on a restricted profiles, scrollable tabs for panels navigation, mobile login manager, and more. It also brings improved performance on interactive websites that trigger a lot of restyles, HTML5 enhancements, and various security fixes.

The latest Firefox update is now being pushed to users. You can check out the app in Play Store here.

Inbox – Free

Inbox by Gmail

Google says that Inbox is an alternative to Gmail which treats your mails as to-do-lists. Actually, it’s the company’s way to experiment with your inbox.

With the latest Inbox update the Gmail team aims to respond to your emails for you. The app will analyze your message and it will offer you a few responses to choose from. You can use the suggested responses then add more if you have something to sat. Google promises that the Smart Reply feature will learn from your behavior and improve in the future.

The new Inbox update is now available. You can download it from Play Store at this link.