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Best Android Apps of the Week: Jelly, Poweramp, Pandora Internet Radio, and More

As of today, on every Monday, Android Geeks will bring you the best Android apps that were launched in Google Play Store in the previous week. Well, maybe except for the Mondays when we are too lazy to write, or a huge meteorite hits the earth, or Godzilla eats our editor, or we need to help Batman fight crime.

Besides new apps, in the “Best Android Apps of the Week” column, you will also find older apps that received major updates, either we talk of new features or revamped interfaces. We aim to help you discover new apps and improve the way you are using your Android smartphone or tablet.

Space HD – $0.99

I know that some of you prefer live wallpapers. Well, Space HD is must-have application if you enjoy live wallpapers and you want to have a corner of the galaxy on the background of your Android smartphone or tablet.

With Space HD you will be able to enjoy various live wallpapers, from “the scorching 700 K temperatures of Mercury to the icy dwarf planet Pluto” all with 3D animations. You will also be able to customize your wallpaper with your own zodiac sign, or to add text, moons, or different favorite photos.

The live wallpapers of the Space HD pack have, according to DualBoot Games, the developer of the app, silky-smooth animation and, in the same time are battery friendly.

Space HD is only $0.99 in Google Play Store and let’s face it, you have spent more on apps that are less cooler than Space HD. You can download Space HD app from Google Play Store using this link.

Poweramp – $3.99

Even though Poweramp is not a new music player, the folks at Max MP have recently performed a major update to their music player. We know that there are many of you who are using their Android devices to listen to music, therefore Max MP’s Poweramp has made it into the first edition of our “Best Apps of the Week” column.

Besides getting loads of fixes for KitKat and support for Romanian translation, Poweramp received many Bluetooth fixes and additions, plus improved exFat and NTFS support.

Even though Poweramp is a bit more expensive than your average Android app (has a price tag of $3.99), this is one of the best music players you can find in Google Play Store and a must-have for anyone who enjoys listening to music on his/hers Android device.

If you want to try Poweramp for 15 days you can follow this link and download it from Google Play Store for free. After you’ve seen for yourself that it’s indeed worth $3.99 you can use this link and unlock the full version of the app.

Pandora Internet Radio – Free

Most of you heard about Pandora and how cool it is. Well, as you’ve probably guessed, the music streaming and music discovery service also has an Android app, which has recently received a major update.

Among the usual bug fixes and improvements, the new Pandora Internet Radio update brings more alarm clock settings, allowing you to wake up to the sound of your favorite station. Furthermore, you now have a sleep timer so you can listen to internet radio while trying to fall asleep.

Pandora Internet Radio can be download for free from Google Play Store using this link.

Jelly – Free

If you thought there aren’t enough social networks already, you should check the new Jelly Android app. I’m starting to believe that one day Instagram asked Yahoo! Answers on a date, didn’t use a condom and Jelly is the lovechild of the two.

Jelly is basically about you taking photos, post them, ask a question, and people answer it. The even better news is that Jelly works with some of you current social networks and that it has a great user interface. You even have a few photo editing tools to choose from.

For the time being, Jelly is compatible with a handful of Android 4.0+ handsets like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, HTC One and HTC First, LG G2, Motorola X, G, and Droid Razr, and Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 3.

Jelly is free and it can be download from Google Play using this link.

Clean and Green Eating – $2.70

I know that many of you like to eat healthy. Personally I enjoy meat. Lots of meat. Pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, you name it.

With Clean and Green Eating you will be able to find recipes for drinks, snacks, desserts, and meals that involve healthy foods “fresh or closest to its natural state with the least amount of processing,” from meats to fish and vegetables to grains.

For the time being there, are over 125 recipes, but even more will come soon. You can share your favorite recipes, review them, and even make shopping lists.

Clean and Green Eating costs $2.70, but staying healthy is worth every penny. You can use this link to download the app from Google Play Store.

Make Me Cash – $1.63

If you are looking to sell your DVDs, music CDs, or games and you don’t know which site will give most money for them, then Make Me Cash might come in handy.

Make Me Cash makes a price comparison against Music Magpie, Zapper, CeX, WeBuyDVDs.co.uk, and Zumu, so you can know which of these websites will give your more money for your games, movies, or music. All you need to do is scan the barecode of your DVD, CD, or Game, and Make Me Cash will do the rest.

Make Me Cash costs $1.63, but it will also help you earn you more cash, so you should recoup the investment. Here is the Google Play link.

Gmail – Free

Gmail is free, is popular, is the client for the biggest email service in the world, and comes pre-loaded on every single Android device. Why should it be among the “Best Android Apps of the Week?” Because it has received a new and important update.

From now on Gmail will show the images from your email by default, because it’s now safer. Google will upload the photos on their website and show them to you, virus-free. Pretty useful, as you will no longer have to press the “show images” button.

Since you already have it installed on your smartphone all you need to do is head to My Apps section of Google Play and hit update. Or follow this link and hit update. Or download the APK from this link and install it on your device. Or none of the above because you have already updated Gmail to 4.7.2. Neeeeeext!

Pushbullet – Free

Pushbullet debuted as an app that allowed you to push links from your desktop browser to your Android device. Then the guys at Pushbullet Inc added file pushing. Then they allowed you to push different things to your friends, and finally to receive your smartphone notifications on your PC browser.

Well, Pushbullet has been updated to version 13 and it has became even cooler than before. Using your desktop browser you can now use Pushbullet dismiss phone notification from Chrome (if you have an Android 4.3+ smartphone), view your sent pushes in the app, and, of course, it received fixes for annoying bugs.

You don’t have it installed on your Android device. Grab it from Google Play using this link.