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Best Android Apps to Watch Live TV & Movies Free & Paid

Most of us love watching TV and if you are an Android user you can do it even if you’re on the go, thanks to the plentiful of apps. If you search for Live TV, Watch TV or Android TV Apps on either Google or the Google Play Android market you will find hundreds of apps for that, though only some of them are good, while the rest load very slow, do not work, come with malware or annoying notification ads. We tried most of them and can offer you only the best of them to choose.

All Live TV apps we tested are really good and are worth a try, so it’s up to you to pick one or even try more.

TV.COM – Watch TV Shows for free

TV.com android app is very smooth and easy to use, allowing you to watch the CBS TV channels for free. It included CNBC, CW, ET, CBS Showtime, CBS Sports, and CNET. If you love TV Shows then you will definitely love this app because it loads lightning fast, it has a very good and intuitive UI and a very good video quality. Though please note you should use it on a WiFi connection because it might incur in data charges if you are not on an unlimited plan.

Download TV.com Android app from Google Play.

TV Listings for Android – Over 13,000 Live TV Channels

Just as the headline states, TV Listings offers you over 13,000 Live TC channels to watch on your Android device and it’s 100% free. It comes with both cable and satellite channels, features a great video quality and it loads very fast.

Along with the Live TV, you can also view ratings, reminders and much more to help you choose which channel or movie to watch and this is what makes it a wonderful app to use.

Download TV Listings for Android from Google Play.

In2Streams – Over 5,000 Free TV Shows

In2Streams comes with all the popular TV Shows and it’s also 100% free to download, though you will have to be a In2Streams subscriber to watch the shows. It includes more than 5,000 episodes and more are added daily, so you can’t get bored with this app, because there will always be a new TV Show or episode to watch.

Download In2Streams from Google Play.

TV Show Stream

This Android app also allows you to watch free TV shows on your device, featuring a full-screen player with most of the shows being in HD.

Unfortunately this app isn’t free like the others, so you will have to reach your wallet for $5, though it’s sure worth it, because it includes the most TV shows and episodes of them all. Another downside is that we are not very sure about the legality and licensing of this app, so it might get removed from the market if it proves to be illegal.

Update: This app has been removed from the market.

Notice: All apps require a data connection and may incur in data charges if you don’t have a pretty large data plan and it’s recommended to use them on WiFi instead. Also live streaming video over the internet can drain a device’s battery very fast, so you should hold a charger nearby or make sure to have your battery fully charged before you start watching.

Please let us know which app you prefer for watching live TV on your Android smartphone.