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Best Android Browsers in 2014

There are tons of Android web browsers currently available for installation from Google’s Play Store and in this post we’ve tried to comprise only those very best releases.

Browsing the web on an Android device is getting better and better with the vast majority of websites having mobile versions. However, despite all the optimizations added and tweaks done to websites there are some Android web browsers that will offer better loading speeds than others.

Take a look at the list we’ve compiled below and maybe you will find a new favorite application to browse the Internet on your Android device. All the web browsing apps listed in this article are available from download from Google Play Store.

Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin for Android measures more than ten million downloads and installations across all devices.

It is one of the fastest and most stable web browser you could ever want to run on your smartphone. It packs tons of great features such as: gestures, Sonar, One-tap Share support that allows you to post your favorite links to various social networking platforms, infinite tabbed browsing, add-ons, home screen for most visited and favorite web sites, themes, the Dolphin Web App Store, send to device, and more.

A great small feature packed within Dolphin browser is the Dolphin Connect support which allows you to sync history, pass codes, bookmarks and opened tabs between your Android, computer, iPhone or with other installed desktop browsers like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Note that some features can be used only by installing Dolphin Extensions.

Install Dolphin Browser for your Android device from Google Play Store.

For low-end devices you can choose to install the Dolphin Browser Mini app.

Firefox Browser for Android:

Firefox for Android (1)

Firefox has been download over 50 million times for all Android devices and the web browser continues to go strong as Mozilla continues to upgrade it constantly with new feature and functions.

It is a great alternative to Dolphin and Chrome browsers as you can use add-ons to improve the browsing experience with support for password manager, ad blocker, etc. Other great features that you will find in Firefox for Android are as following: support for HTML5, Mobile video, Reader for opening cluster-free web pages, Sync support for Firefox Desktop, Awesome Bar that allows you to open pages from history, top sites or bookmarks. The Awesome Screen displays your favorite web sites so that you will be able to open them with a single tap of the screen.

Download Firefox for Android from Google Play Store.

Chrome Browser by Google:

Chrome for Android (1)

More than one hundred million downloads and installations are making Chrome the most popular Android browser. It usually comes pre-installed for the latest Android OS versions, but there are still many smartphone / tablet manufacturers that aren’t using it as their default browsing app.

Chrome for Android is capable of syncing any data for all your devices, simply use your Google account and log into it on your laptop, PC, tablet, phone or any other device and every single piece of information will be synced automatically. The Save Data feature is a great tool that reduces data usage when browsing by more than 50%. Just like in Dolphin and other major Android browsers you can opt to find and open websites by voice without needing to type any words in the search bar.

The Incognito Mode allows you to browse the web without any of your typed searches being saved on your device.

Install Chrome for Android from Google Play Store.

Chrome can be installed only on Android 4.0 and later devices.

Maxthon Web Browser:

Maxthon Web Browser for Android

Maxthon holds over five million downloads and it is a great alternative to Chrome, Firefox or Dolphin, as you can easily choose to enable Reader Mode for websites that are clustered with ads, images or other type of contents that makes reading hard. With Reader Mode enabled means that Maxthon will automatically re-arrange font, formatting and it removes all ads displayed on the opened page.

Other great features packed in Maxthon are: add-ons support, private browsing, sharing tools for social networking platforms, Cloud Download, flash video support, the Cloud Push support for any type of content such as texts, images, websites, bookmarks, tabs, etc.

Maxthon browser can be installed on all Android 2.2 and later devices.

If you want to use the Maxthon browser then you can download it from Google Play Store.

Opera browser:

Opera for Android

The Opera browser for Android is a fast reliable web browser that packs privacy features that will allow you to browse the web without leaving any traces, it allows support for slow connections suing Off-Road mode, the Speed Dial feature which consists of your favorite websites, Discover feature that brings all the latest worldwide news directly on your phone or tablet, and more.

Opera also offers you the possibility to use its Download Manager in order to grab movies and music from the internet without a 3rd party app.

Install Opera for Android from Google Play Store. It works with Android 4.0 and later versions.

If you to use Opera on older devices, then you should opt for Opera Mini browser for Android – Google Play Store link.

Next Browser:

Next Browser

A neat small browsing tool that works with Android 2.2 and later versions that is incredibly intuitive and it offers all the features found in other popular devices despite the fact that it measures only 4MB.

Other great features that you will find in Next Browser for Android: incognito mode, voice recognition support, no running process in the background, uses a small amount of memory, better for your phone’s battery life, RSS feeder, off-line reading support, extensions and add-ons, and a fully customizable home screen.

Next Browser is a great tool for slower Android phones, it has been installed on more than five million devices and it holds a 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.

Install Next Browser for your Android device from Play Store.

Boat Browser:

Powerful and reliable Android web browser that it offers a fully customizable interface, one that allows you to change UI sections that will suit your browsing needs. It allows you to add or remove any buttons, re-arrange them by simply dragging a button to a new location on the screen.,

Boat Browser offers support for changing background colors, Volume Keys actions that can be configured to switch between tabs, scroll the page up and down, zoom into web pages. You can get the best out of this browsing app by installing new add-ons and extensions designed by other Boat Browser users.

Other small features: video, flash, YouTube media playing support, voice commands and search, multi-touch that you can use to Pinch-to-Zoom on all visited web pages, User Agent Switching support, easy copy and paste. It can be installed on all Android 2.1 and later devices.

Install Boat Browser for Android from Google Play Store.

UC Browser:

UC Browser for Android