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Best Android Games of the Week: Buddy & Me, Great Martian War, 300 Part 2 and more

The 2nd week of February is here and we have a new batch of videos games that you might want to install on your Android devices.

Note that the Android videos games listed below are all available from Google Play Store, but I haven’t listed them in any particular order. You can create a top 3 or top 5 list that you can post in comments. Also, use the comments to inform us about other great video games launched in the last seven days.

Some of the games listed below are free to play, while others require you to purchase them or use an IAP (in-app purchase) system, that you can to unlock various features and functions which will help you complete missions faster. I’ve posted basic info about every single game such as price, game type, Android OS availability and download size, so that you will know if you need a Wi-Fi connection for larger titles.

The Great Martian War:

The Great Martian War

This is an interesting game, that has been released by TheSecretLocation developing team. TGMW takes you to 1913 where you’ll play as Gus Lafonde, a great soldier, you need to survive while trying to defeat the Marian warriors. Earth has been invaded and it seems like you are the one who can save our beloved planet.

It resembles Temple Run games but with a bigger world that you can run through in order to save Earth and defeat the Martians. Also, The Great Martian War for Android comes with a great story that takes you to major battlefields as you have to avoid stepping on land mines, artillery strikes, tanks and some other type of Martian war machines. The gameplay is endless, as you will notice while progressing through levels. You will need to collect Victisite and Rations in order to enable ‘powerups’ that will eventually allow you to complete levels easier.

This game offers a strong World War I vibe due to the great 3D visual elements, sound effects, weapons, equipment and other similar elements that we all remember seeing in pictures from WWI and movies set in that terrible period of our human history.

The Great Martian War can be installed for FREE from Google Play Store — Link here.

You can play this game if your device is currently running Android 2.2 or later versions, it measures only 37MB and it is user friendly, as it can be controlled easily.

Detective Grimoire:

Detective Grimoire

This ‘brain & puzzle’ Android game takes you to the swamp where you need to collect as many clues as possible, solve some puzzles, explore the environment and find out the secret behind this game. Those of you who love this genre will also find that Detective Grimoire might be somewhat simple to complete, but there are still some levels and puzzles that will make your head spin.

Solve the mystery and you the game will finish, but make sure to keep the volume of your device’s speakers to a reasonable level in order to enjoy the soundtrack that the developers used for Detective Grimoire game.

Download and install Detective Grimoire for your device from Google Play Store — link here.

The game isn’t free to play, as you have to pay $3.99 for its purchase.

Detective Grimoire for Android 2.3 and later devices. Also, it holds a 4.4 rating that should make it

300 – Seize Your Glory:

300 Seize Your Glory

The Android game that is based on 300: Rise of an Empire, movie that will hit theaters across the world next March.

The game is named 300: Seize your Glory and you will play as Themistocles that has to defeat the entire Persian navy and stop them from invading Greece. A hack-and-slash game that offers tons of action and blood, something that every “300” fan wants.

Download and install 300: Seize Your Glory for Android from Google Play Store — link here.

The game is free to play on Android 4.0 and later versions. It measures only 46MB and it holds a 4.2 rating from more than 6000 voters.

Pyro Jump:

Pyro Jump

Launched last month, Pyro Jump has quickly reached the popular status on Google Play Store, as there are already 50,000 players that are going through hundred levels in order to complete this game. Your only quest is to catch Princess Paper while leaping from wheel to wheel as a small flame named Pyro.

Collect all flames and unlock the bonus levels in order to complete all challenges with maximum score. Easy to learn interface, over 90 levels that will put you through four different worlds, gold timers to unlock, great graphics, more than one difficulty level and support for Google Play Game Services for you to unlock the 25 achievements.

Pyro Jump works with Android 2.2 and later versions. The game is free to play and install; it measures only 36MB so you can download it using your data plan.

Download and install Pyro Jump for Android from Google Play Store — link here.

Buddy & Me:

Buddy and Me

One of the most heart warming games that you will have the chance to play this month. Buddy & Me is destined for your kids, but if you decide to play it, then you will surely get hooked.

Buddy & Me tells the story of a young boy who goes to sleep and every single night dreams the same dream, one in which he gets to play with Buddy, a fluffy flying friend with big ears that will help you complete the game. The Boy and Buddy need to collect stars, avoid obstacles, fly, bounce, glide, discover new creatures, swing, jump and enjoy a great adventure while listening to a great music score.

The world of Buddy & Me is great as it will surely take you back to your childhood. Collect all stars and get the best scores in order to unlock achievements and top the Google Play Leaderboards. The game is not free to play, but it doesn’t cost much to purchase as it is only $0.99 and, if you have kids, it will be worth it.

Download and install Buddy & Me for Android from Google Play Store — link here.

These were all the titles that I had for you, now you’re free to test whichever video game you want. Please tell us in comments which one is your favorite. Also, you can use the comments field to recommend other newly release games that you consider we should have included in this article.