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Best Android Games of the Week: Wind Up Knight 2, Family Guy, Escape the Mansion, and more

Numerous new games have been launched recently for all Android devices, in this post you can find some of the best titles for you to test on your phone or tablet.

All the games listed below are available from the Google Play Store and all are listed randomly, so that you will be able to decide for yourself which ones to install. You can find both free and paid video titles, as well as some that will require you to use their ‘in-app purchases’ in order to be able to easily complete some later levels.

Wind Up Knight 2 – Free

This is a 3D action game that is filled with tons of great game mechanics, a beautiful world, great gameplay that consists of bouncy pads, checkpoints, ice blocks, warps, rolling boulders and others. There are tons of main levels for you to try and play, as well as some side-quests for you to complete when you complete the main game.

The Tournament mode will put you against your friends and you should try to score the highest number of points while having a single life. This is a Challenge that differs from day to day. The first version of Wind Up Knight has been installed on millions of devices, we can’t promise that the second installment is better, but you can give it a try as it is free to play.

Install Wind Up Knight 2 for Android 3.0 and later from Google Play Store here.

Iron Force – Free

One of the most popular online video game genre is tank battles and Iron Force gives you just that… an Android video game that allows you to play in teams of 4 or play against all characters on a map in order to be the last surviving tank and win the round.

This game is free to play, but there are some in-app purchases for you to use in case you want to upgrade weapons and tank builds, so that you will defeat your enemies easier. Also, you can create Legions and add your friends in order to battle other legions from all over the world.

The game is great as you will simply need to drive and then point your tank towards others on the map, wait for the ammunition to load and and shoot faster than the others. There are some complex maneuvers and weapons that you can use, but those are available later as you progress. Choose from more than 15 tanks and upgrade the weapons by choosing from over 500 different options.

Iron Force for Android 2.3.3 and later versions has been released to Google Play Store by Chilingo. It is free to play.

Note that for this game to work you will need to have a stable connection enabled at all times.

Download and install Iron Force  from Google Play Store here.

Escape the Mansion –  Free

A puzzle small and addictive video game that will require you to open over 100 doors in order to escape from a haunted mansion. There are tons of fantastic puzzles that will challenge you along with some other mini-games that you can try for free.

Escape the Mansion has been released for Android 2.2 and later.

Install it on your phone or tablet from Google Play Store here.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff – Free

One of the most popular animated TV Shows currently on television has received a video game for all Android users to try.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff offers you the possibility to take control over your favorite family. Help them complete all the missions and quests, keep them safe from pirates, evil chickens, and from all the other invasions, support for unlocking tons of new outfits and costumes for all characters, unlock animations and decorations.

This game is available for free for all Android 2.3.3 and later devices.

Download and install it on your device from Google Play Store here.

AERENA – Clash of Champions HD – Free

Immerse yourself in a Aetherpunk universe where you need to battle against others in order to gain control over Aether, a valuable substance that  everyone is after.

This game mixes strategic turn-based gameplay, tactics, team building attempts, arena combats, and a powerful game engine that will offer you the possibility to become the greatest Champion and Aether Master ever seen. You will eventually create a great Champion character, but that might not be enough as you will need to outwit real world adversaries. Climb up the Leaderboard in order to gain prizes and improve your chances of becoming the best fighter in this strange universe.

The AEREA Clash of Champions HD video game works with Android 4.0 and later, also it is free to play. If you want to progress faster, then you should use the in-app purchases and get upgrades and power ups to improve your gameplay and tactics.

Install the game from Google Play Store here.

Disco Zoo – Free

An 8-bit style video game that will take you to various ZOOs all over the world, zoos where you will need to throw parties and score the best amount of points in order to get more chances of unlocking all the hidden things packed within the game.

This is a small game that will work with all Android 2.3.3 and later devices. It is free to play, but it features an in-app purchasing system for you to use in order to improve your chances of finishing the game faster.

Install Disco Zoo for Android from Google Play Store here.

Groundskeeper2 – $1.99

Outer Space, Supernatural Robots, War.. what else would you want from an action-packed pixelated Android game?!

Test the Groundskeeper2 game and you will immediately be immersed in a war-filled world. You can unlock machine guns, rocket launchers, laser guns and other weapons in order to defeat the aliens and stop the invasion from taking place. Other things for you to unlock: shields, lightbeams, time slowdowns and others.

Groundskeeper2 works with all Android 2.1 and later versions.

Install the game on your device from Google Play Store here.

Hopeless: Space Shooting – $0.99

A survival-type game where you will take on monsters, and other evil things that need to be defeated in order to complete the game. With each level that goes by all monsters will get better and you will need to shoot at hurt them more than once for them to die.

This game’s main objective is the protection of the little Blobs, make sure that they don’t get too scared until you finish killing all monsters. If the Blobs get scared then they will kill themselves and you will need to start all over again.

Features of Hopeless Space Shooting for Android 2.2 and later: multi touch fire system support, two different full game versions, easy to learn interface and gameplay, unlockables, retro disco looks, and tons of action.

The game costs $0.99 and it packs in-app purchases.

Install Hopeless for Android from Google Play Store here.

Starship Traveller – $5.99

After installing Starship Traveller you will be thrown in the middle of a great adventure in a very far future. You will be the hero that the world needs in order to get the starship Traveller back to Earth with its crew safe and sane.

Features: support for customizing the entire crew, change their names or stats or set a new name for the starship; three different types of combat such as phaser, melee; beam down to alien planets; unlock all achievements; great soundtrack created for the game alone, and more.

The game is not free to play as you will need to pay around $5.99 for the installation alone.

It works with Android 2.0.1 and newer versions.

Install the Starship Traveller from Google Play Store here.

Impossible Road – $1.99

There wouldn’t a ‘best games of the week’ post without a minimalistic-looking game, Impossible Road brings an arcade gameplay that allows you to control a white ball through a rollercoaster-like track.  Find the perfect line and score the highest amount of points in order to beat all your friends scores.

The game is easy to control as you simply need to touch the right side of your screen to turn right, or touch the left side to turn left. Press on the displayed score for the Quick Restart button to appear.

Impossible Road can be installed only on Android 4.0 and later devices.

Install it from Google Play Store here.

These were all the Android video games that we had for you, if you can think of other titles that were recently launched, then feel free to tell us in comments. If there are any great video games we’ve didn’t list above and you tell us about them, then we will make sure to put them in next week’s post.