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Best Android Games of the Week: Game of Thrones Ascent, Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW, and more

Many Android games were launched in the last seven days to Google’s Play Store and in this post we’ve tried to assemble some of the best six of them.

Most titles that are posted in our article are free-to-play and but all off them are packing in-app purchases, so that you will be able to get your hands on better equipment and things that will help you complete levels, missions and stories faster.

Check the entire list below and if you can think of other great Android video games that were launched lately then you can list them in comments. We will test them and review some in next week’s article. All titles are available from Google Play Store and it is recommended for you to use a Wi-Fi connection in order to download the game files.

With all that being said, check out our list below of Best Android video games launched in the last week.

Game of Thrones Ascent – FREE:

Game of Thrones Ascent

It might not become one of the best Android video games ever released, but the Game of Thrones Ascent should still offer a great experience for all fans of the HBO hit TV Series.

GOT Ascent for Android is a text-based adventure RPG and it comes with a great story that’s set before the events in the TV Show, so all fans who haven’t read the books will not be spoiled of events that are still about to unfold on screen. In this game you will have to create your own character and pledge your allegiance to the major houses across Westeros. After that you need to complete various missions and tasks in order to create the best House in-game.

The game is free to play, but you can still use the in-app purchases if you want to advanced faster through the Game of Thrones story.

Install Game of Thrones Ascent for Android 4.0 and later from Google Play Store here.

Guardians of the Galaxy :TUW – $4.99:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel is about to release the Guardians of the Galaxy movie in theaters across the world in August and they’ve now decided that the movie require a video game, too. So, here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon game designed by Marvel.

GotG TUW for Android is based on the movie and not on the comics, you will enter in a 2D world and play as Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Drax, Groot and Gamora. Each character has its own set of skills and weapons, special attacks, combo moves and more. Level up the characters and try and dispose the world of all evil.

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW for Android 4.0 and later costs $4.99 to install, but it doesn’t contain any extra in-app purchases, so you will get exactly what you pay for without any potential extra costs.

Install it from Google Play Store here.

F18 Carrier Landing II – FREE:

F18 Carrier Landing II

A mobile device flight simulator that you permits users to test their airplane pilot skills. This game packs more than 30 missions and ten different air flying combat machines that you can choose from.

In F18 Carrier Landing II you will simply need to take off and then try to land on aircraft carriers all over the world. If you’re a fan of airplanes and combat scenery, then you should give this game a try as it is free to play.

Install the F18 Carrier Landing II only for Android 4.0 and later devices from Google Play Store here.

It is free to play, but it contains in-app purchases. However, if you want to get your hands on other best airplanes, then you can choose to go PRO and pay $6 for them.

Bug Heroes 2 – $1.99:

Bug Heroes 2

Foursaken Mafia has decided to launch this game on Android after its 1st iteration only made it to iOS. It packs a mix of tower-defense and shooter elements. Set up a good strategy if you want to defeat every level successfully and finish the game.

Also, in Bug Heroes 2 you can add friends and play as co-op or against others.

Get Bug Heroes 2 for your Android 2.3 and later device from Google Play Store here.

In order to install the game you will have to pay $1.99 first. Also, note that you can use the ‘in-app purchasing’ system to get your hands on better weapons and game elements that will help you complete all missions faster.

Lionheart Tactics – FREE:

Lionheart Tactics

A 3D tactical RPG title that you will need to play online against in order to become the best. The game is designed by Kongretate and it is set in a fantasy land where you will need to use your hero in order to beat all the monster you will encounter in your path.

Unlock skills and upgrade each character until you become the best. Choose from 16 different classes and races with their own set of skills and tactics. The game is free to play, but you can use in-app purchases if you want to get your hands on better weapons and elements that you can use in order to defeat all your enemies easily.

Lionheart Tactics for Android 2.3 and later can be installed freely from Google Play Store here.

Transworld Endless Skater – FREE:

Transworld Endless Skater

In Transworld you will be playing as a freestyle skater and you can choose from five of the most notorious pro skaters in the world. Every character has its own tricks, unique skills and goals, so you will have to adapt your style for each of them differently.

Get your in-game character famous and use the combos, tricks and long jumps in order to score higher than anyone.

The pro skaters you can choose from are Sean Malto, Ryan Decenzo, Danny Way, Christian Hosoi and Lyn-Z Pastrana.

Get the Transworld Endless Skater for Android 2.3 and later free from Google Play Store here. In case you want to disable the adds then you can pay $2, but you can still use the in-app purchases in case you wish to get your hands on better gear.