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Best Android Games of the Week: Hitman GO, Sky Force 2014 and Defenders

In these last few weeks we’ve seen numerous new Android video games being released to Google’s Play Store.

The article contains a small review and details about some of the best titles that you should test on your Android Device. All the video games that are listed below are available to install from Google Play Store. Most titles are available for free while one requires you to pay a small amount in order to install it.

Check the list and if you can think of other great video games that were launched recently, then you should tell us in comments.

Note that some of the free video games are packing in-app purchases that allow you to complete easier levels and missions.

Hitman GO – $4.99:

Hitman GO

This is a turn-based puzzle title that will have you playing as the classic Agent 47. Infiltrate enemy bases, stealth your way around rival agents and make sure to take advantage of all the weapons and other game elements in order to complete all missions efficiently. Other features: secret pasageways, Silverballers, distractions, sniper rifles, various enemy types, hard to crack puzzles and more.

Hitman GO is designed for Android 2.3.3 and later by Square Enix, the same company that has released Deus Ex, Thief and other similar titles. You can check the developer’s released games using the Google Play Store page.

Install the Hitman GO on your Android from Google Play Store.

Installing the game requires you to pay $4.99.

Note that this game measures over 190MB, so you should use a Wi-Fi connection in order to install it.

Sky Force 2014 – Free:

Sky Force 2014

Arcade military video games are making a comeback on Android. In Sky Force 2014 you will simply need to control a war airplane and destroy every single aircraft that comes your way and reach the boss battles. Destroy each end level boss in order to continue to the next stage.

This game packs 3D graphics, user-friendly touchscreen controls, powerful upgrade system, rescue missions, shields, missiles, lasers, guns, bombs, magnets, civilian rescue missions, weekly tournaments, achievements and more. Sky Force 2014 is filled with great challenges and missions that should keep you glued to your device’s screen.

Install the game only for the Android 4.1 and later versions.

Get it from Google Play Store.

Defenders – Free:


In Defenders by Nival you will have to fight back waves of enemies while combining towers and spells in order to achieve your goals faster. The game packs an impressive 3D graphics engine and tons of great features that should offers great fun.

Note that the game is free to install, but you can use its in-purchasing system if you want to get your hands on better weapons and upgrades.

Defenders for Android packs 26 different types of enemy monsters, bosses, 23 missions with interesting stories, additional boss levels, Facebook integration, 25 levels of upgrades, 13 spell types, and more.

Install Defenders for Android 4.0 and later only.

Grab it from Google Play Store.