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Best Android Games of the Week: Leo’s Fortune, Rogue’s Tale, and more

There are tons of new exciting video games that have been launched for Android in the last few weeks. Here you can find info for on several new titles for you to try on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Most video games that are launched via Google’s Play Store are packing in-app purchases and are more ‘pay-to-win’oriented instead of encouraging players to spend hours of continuous play trying to a find a different way to complete challenging levels and missions. All the Android games that we’ve listed below are much more gamer-friendly.

Most of the Android games listed below should work will all Android OS versions and all are available straight from Google Play Store.

Leo’s Fortune – $4.99:

Leo's Fortune

This is possibly one of the best Android video games that I’ve seen launched this year. Follow the story of Leopold, a mustachioed little furball that used to be filthy reach up until one day when he found out that his whole fortune has been stolen.

All of its fortune consists of gold and you will have to retrieve all of it while searching for the thief and bringing to justice. During your journey you will meet with Leo’s family and uncover some dark hidden secrets.

In Leo’s Fortune you will find 24 thrilling levels and you will have to solve puzzles, avoid traps and help our mustachioed furball retrieve all of his wealth.

Get Leo’s Fortune for Android 4.0.3 and later versions from Google Play Store here.

In order to get this game you will first need to pay $4.99, but will see that it will worth every single penny.

Rogue’s Tale – $1.59:

Rogue's Tale

If you’re a fan of pixels and retro gaming and role playing video games then you should give Rogue’s Tale a chance.

There are no ads and no in-app purchases in this video game, you will be playing as a rogue warrior who needs to find his way through a series of caves and dungeons. Loot and battle against over 120 different evil characters, choose from five different hero classes.

Rogue’s Tale best feature is that all dungeons are randomly rendered so you will need to explore every corner of each level before getting to the final boss.

Get the game from Google Play Store here for $1.59.

Fish Out of Water! – FREE:

Fish Out of Water

The developers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride have now released a fish-throwing-themed video game to Google’s Play Store and you can install it right away on your Android device freely.

Fish Out of Water is a title that’s basically forcing you to throw fish across the display and attempt to set record after record. Beware of this game as it is highly addictive and you will find that every single fish has a different set of skills, you will need to practice until you manage to impress the judge panels of crabs.

Install Fish Out of Water for Android 4.0.3 and later from Google Play Store here.

Cosmonautica (Early Access) – $6.79:


This game might not be completed just yet, but it offers a great space trading simulator where you will need to continuously look for ways to make your small company grow. At the moment Cosmonautica is in ‘early access’ stage and it might be packing some bugs.

In Cosmonautica you are the captain of a not-so good looking space ship and you will have to hire a crew, with their help you will attempt to great the best space company. Explore the whole galaxy, trade any items including some illegal ones, make sure that your crew gets along for the business to flourish, assign tasks for the crew and act just like you would be a real captain.

Besides the trading part of this game you will also need to battle some other enemy space ships in order to protect your assets.

Cosmonautica has great potential and I can’t wait until the beta stage is over and we will get its final version.

In order to install Cosmonautica on your device you will have to pay $6.79, get it from Google Play Store here.

Sonic Jump Fever – FREE:

Sonic Jump Fever

SEGA has released a revamped version of their own Sonic Jump title. This new game has better graphics and it offers some new features such as support for challenging your friends and comparing scores from via Leaderboard menu, Fever Mode, play as Sonic, Knuckles and others.

Also, make sure to use the upgrade system in order to boost power and improve the skills of your character. There are tons of great things about this game and it is free to play.

Install Sonic Jump Fever for Android 4.0 and later from Google Play Store here.

Wayward Souls – $4.99:

Wayward Souls

Noodlecake Studios has released the Wayward Souls adventure video game for all Android 2.3 and later versions.

Choose from six different characters and explore the whole world in Wayward Souls in order to defeat the game. A great thing about this new release is that it really challenges you and you will have to carefully plan all your actions from early on. The game world will change with every action that you take and you will need a great deal of attention in case you’re planning to finish the whole story.

This is a great new action adventure that is about to receive a brand new update with tons of new feature and functions that should make it a popular selection among Android gamers.

Install the Wayward Sould for $4.99 for all Android 2.3 and later devices from Google Play Store here.

There are some other Android video games that didn’t make our list above, but you can still check them out: Lost Toys ($2.99 – Android 3.0 and up), Superfrog HD ($2.99 – Android 2.3.3 and up), Fightback ( FREE – Android 2.3.3 and up).