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Best Android Games of the Week: QuizUp, Pathogen, Top Gear’s Race the Stig, SmashHit, and more

Our ‘Android Games of the Week’ series is back with thirteen new video game titles that you can try on your tablet or smartphone.

All the games are available for download from Google Play Store and some are even playable for free, but most of them will allow you to use the ‘in-app purchases’ system in order to complete levels much faster and easier. The Android games aren’t listed in any particular order.

Below you can find QuizUp, a great trivia game that will allow you to challenge friends or make friends from all over the world while answering general knowledge questions, or you can choose to play Race the Stig, a video game inspired from the British car-themed show Top Gear, or play SmashHit where you need to destroy blocks of glass and advance as far as possible in order to top the leaderboard. There are tons of other games that are filled with action and adventure, puzzles, tactics and more.

If you can think of other great Android video games for tablet and smartphone that were launched recently, then you can tell us in comments and we will try yo update the post after testing all of them.

Remember that some of the titles listed below might not be available for Free or are offering only the Demo version. Also, if you decide to buy a game and you don’t like it, then you can get a refund only if you ask for it 15 minutes after you’ve pressed the Install button. If you decide that you don’t like the game and the 15-minute refund period has expired, then you can try to contact the developers via email and ask for your money back.

QuizUp – free:


QuizUp, one of the most popular trivia games is now ready for Android devices. Since its release QuizUp has already seen over 100,000 installs already. It packs over 200,000 questions from over 400 different topics such as World Capitals, Cities in the World, Science, Sports, Favorite TV Shows, Arts, Educational, Music, History, Literature, and more.

Challenge your friends or try to top the Friends, Nearby, Country or Global Leaderboard. You can add new friends after you complete the question rounds, you can chat with anyone that you’ve played before, view history of your games and test your overall knowledge. The game is extremely fun, but make sure that you have enough free time to play it as it surely will raise your procrastination level.

Use your Google Plus or Facebook account to connect with Google Play Services in order to view ranks and challenge your friends.

QuizUp for Android is free to play, but you can choose to buy some Experience Booster packs in order to increase faster your won points.  Each boost pack bough will last for an hour, so you should make the most out of it and level up faster. This is the easy way to top a leaderboard, but I consider it to be a cheating feature that doesn’t improve the overall trivia experience.

QuizUp has been developed by Plain Vanilla Games Corp and it holds a 4.5 rating from over ten thousand reviews.

It works exclusively with Android 4.0.3 and later versions. Also, it has support for ART on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Install QuizUp for Android from Google Play Store here.

QCast – free:


Another trivia game that resembles QuizUp, only that this one requires you to own a Chromecasta device.

Create a Google Chromecast session and then connect to it along with friends and play against each other. Qcast game is completed when someone reaches 100 points. It might not be available for everyone, but I thought that Chromecast users will love to try it.

The game is free to play and it has already been installed one thousand times since its release.

Qcast works with Android 4.0 and later version.

Install it from Google Play Store here.

Top Gear: Race the Stig – free:

Race the Stig

BBC Worldwide has launched a small video game that allows you to race against The Stig. It is a cartoonish take on Top Gear’s most famous character and, if you consider yourself a fan of The Stig then this would be the game for you.

Race the Stig for Android offers you the possibility to race in some of the cars features in the Top Gear show, allows helmet customization, dodge traffic, jump caravans, speed your way through Top Gear circuits and other famous locations, set high scores and use the leaderboard to check where you’re ranking when compared with your friends’ points. You can challenge your friends using Twitter or even Facebook.

In Top Gear’s Race the Stig you will also be able to fly the Rocket Robin. The modified Reliant Robin allows you to fly over incoming traffic. This game might not capture the full Top Gear essence, but it might prove a great way for you to kill time when going to work or school.

Top Gear Race the Stig is free to play and it works with all Android 2.3 and later devices.

Install Top Gear: Race the Stig from Google Play Store here.

If you think that this game doesn’t do justice for the Top Gear show, then you can try to play other titles released by BBC UK such as Stunt School SSR.

Top Gear Stunt School SSR puts in a stunt driver’s seat that has to complete various missions and quests in order to escape prisons, go over the Grand Canyon in a balloon, ride roller-coasters in New York and more. So, Stunt School SSR for Android takes you to Alcatraz, New York, Grand Canyon, Moscow, Sydney Harbour, China and London. You can also challenge your friends and set high scores for them to try and beat.

Top Gear’s Stunt School is free to play and it is available from Google Play Store here. (it offers in-app purchases, too).

If you want to unlock all stunts and the 300 permits, then you can opt to install the Top Gear Stunt School SSR PRO version here.

SmashHit- free:


The same developing team that has released Granny Smith and Sprinkle games for Android have managed to create a new and addictive title, Smash Title. This game is great for those that want to find pleasure in destroying glass in other dimensions.

SmashHit offers a proper Arcade feel that you can try for Free. Note that despite the fact that the game is free to play you will not have your progress saved until you buy the PRO edition. If you like the game then you can purchase the Full version for only $1.99.

Smash Hit for Android features a beautifully designed futuristic-like dimension, destroy all targets and obstacles that you encounter in your mission and set new records. The game has a 4.7 rating from over 20,000 reviews worldwide and, it works with all Android 2.1 and later versions.

Install SmashHit from Google Play Store here.



This is the sequel title to Frontline Commando, a game that has seen over 100,000,000 installations.

Frontline Commando 2 for Android brings an action-packed title that offers you the possibility to us the Online PvP feature and challenger anyone to a game. The single campaign features over forty different missions and thirteen challenges along with Online PvP support.

Recruit soldiers and train them to join your team and help you in your missions, battle snipers, tanks, helicopters, drones, heavy weapon specialists and more. The game is free to play, but you can also use the in-app purchases in order to improve your chances on completing the game.

Install Frontline Commando 2 for Android 2.1 and later from Google Play Store here.

Pathogen – Strategy Board Game $2.99 :


Pathogen is a brain & puzzle board game that will offer a classic feel yet modern gameplay that might trigger your nostalgia. This game has won the Indium Game Contest at Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival and the Best Online Game at MassDIGI Games Challenge.

Pathogen has the following features: support for up to 4 players in online or local multiplayer mode, a complex single player campaign, a fantastic gameplay that will test your strategic capabilities in order to block the viruses from spreading in the human body, multiple map styles, play modes, comprehensive map editor that allows you to create your own maps and more.

Install Pathogen for Android from Google Play Store here.

It works with all devices running Android 2.2 and later. Installing this game is not free, as you will need to pay $2.99 in order to play it.

LEGO City My City – free:

LEGO City My City

“My City” is a new free title from LEGO City games. You will need to become the hero that catches all the bad guys. You can chase escaped thieves using cars or you can choose to do it on foot when they take the park route. Also, you can control the Coast Guard helicopter and put out the fires that are spreading all over the city.

LEGO City My City game feature over seven different mini games that are using the following themes: cargo airport, coast guard, fire, police, great vehicles. The game is free to play on all Android 4.0 and later versions.

Install My City from LEGO City games at Google Play Store here.

Amateur Surgeon 3:

Amateur Surgeon 3

Adult Swim Games has designed this game that puts you in the Ophelia Payne role, a rookie surgeon that has to solve a mystery while saving the lives of every single character that steps or drops in the emergency room. Be inventive and try to save lives using the car battery, stapler, a pizza cutter or any other weird tool that has nothing to do with a proper surgery.

The game is free to play, but you can also use the in-app purchases system to complete all missions easier.

Install Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android 2.3.3 and later from the Play Store here.

Line of Defense Tactics – free demo:

Line of Defense Tactics

Take control of a commando team that is assembled from four Galactic Command marines aka GALCOM. A great sci-fi Android video game that is based on the Line of Defense massive multiplayer online game.

Install the DEMO version first and play the first 3 missions freely, then you can choose to unlock the rest of the campaigns left for $4.99.

Line of Defense Tactics for Android 2.3 and later packs: real time tactical combat, great storyline that use the Line of Defense tactics comics as a base, command smart androids, infantry, machines and other elements that will allow you to call in airstrikes, deploy turrets and gain access to advanced weapons later in the game.

Install Line of Defense Tactics for Android from Google Play Store here.

Rochard – $6.99:


Rochard is now available on Android, but it only works with Tegra4 devices and a gamepad, as otherwise you won’t be able to play it.

Rochard offers you the possibility to change gravity at your own will, control environment, throw crates at enemies and use any other elements you find in order to solve all puzzles and complete the game. Rochard for Android features a cartoon-style narration, five action-packed and puzzle-filled chapters, beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack and the Unity graphics engine.

The game is not free to play, as you will have to pay $6.99 for it.

Install Rochard for Android 4.1 and later devices that are Tegra4 compatible — here.

Royal Revolt 2:

Royal Revolt 2

Fight for your kingdom in Royal Revolt 2 by going through tons of great battles. You need to defend your own castle from the enemies that are trying to get through the maze-built defense, explore other kingdoms that your in-game friends have built. Use any tactics in order to get your way to the top of you kingdom.

Royal Revolt works with all Android 4.0 and later versions. It packs a beautiful 3D graphics, support for multiplayer strategy, custom battleground creation support, intuitive touch controls and more. Basically, this game requires you to battle every user from all over the world in order to become King.

Install Royal Revolt 2 for Android from Play Store here.

These were all the games that I had for you. Now you can choose for yourself which one to install on your Android device. Remember that in case you can think of other recently release games, then you can post them in comments and we will update the article taking into consideration your suggestions.

Honorable mentions: Deadlings and Another Case Solved.