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Best Android Music Players of 2012

Yesterday we’ve presented you with the ‘Best Android video players‘ and today we will cover the Music Players category. This article contains all the best Android Music Players that you can use on your smartphone or tablet device. There are tons of applications that you can use to listed to your favorite songs, but only some of them are taking this experience to the maximum, and all of them are listed below.

In this post you will applications that are constantly updated by their developers. This is not a ‘top Android music players’ but a random list of the best applications that you can use on your Android device. Note that all the apps are working with all Android versions. In case you think that some other titles should’ve made this post, then you should tell us in comments and we will try to update it.

Also, some of the Android music players in this post are free to use while other will require you to pay in order to get the best experience.

doubleTwist Player:

This is a great tool that you can use to listed to your favorite music and songs. Also, it comes with support for downloading HQ album artwork legally for your songs.

The Smart Playlists features offers its users a great way to view the Top Rated and Most Played songs on their smartphone. Besides all these general settings, you can use doubleTwist Player as a Podcast subscriber without the need of using a computer. The podcast episodes can be downloaded via 3G and WiFi. Another great feature is the music, video and photo streaming service that you can connect with your PS3, XBox and other devices.

You can use this application for free, but if you want to use AirSync over Wifi and the podcast controls then you will need to upgrade through the in-app purchase feature. Also, you can buy directly the PRO edition of this app. There are multiple other functions of this player and if you’re looking for an alternative solution to the default Android Music Player, then you can use this one. Below you can find the download links for this app.

Get the Free doubleTwist Player from Google Play Store here. Use the in-app purchase functions if you wish to upgrade to PRO edition. This is an application that has been downloaded by almost 5 million users.

Neutron Music Player:

This is a music player that has support for rendering 32 and 64-bit audio without lagging. It packs a great UI and its advanced controls shouldn’t be a problems for users that are constantly using their phone to stream and play songs on their Android phones. It works with all smartphones that are running Android 2.2 and later versions.

The Neutron Music Player is capable of playing almost any audio file format and the best thing about it might be the fact that it is capable of streaming audio with metadata, file formats like RAM, ASX, PLS and M3U. It has support for Crossfading, Normalization, Replay Gain, Queuing Pitch, Balance Phase Inversion, Lyrics, Shuffle playback, looped playback, dithering, unicode tags.

There are multiple great functions such as the possibility of using it as a Sleep timer, or as an alarm timer and you can also move the app on your device’s internal SDcard so that it won’t fill the /system partition. The automatic key-lock feature also features an audio visualization. It doesn’t eat too much battery power and you can use its Settings menu to customize it.

Neutron music player for Android tries to replicate the applications that are normally designed for desktop computers. It is filled with great tools and functions and you should give it a try. The evaluation version of this player is free, but you can also but its full version for $5 and activate all features.

The evaluation version of Neutron Music Player can be downloaded and installed from HERE.

Get the PRO version from HERE.

GoneMad Music Player:

Who doesn’t like an application that is called GoneMAD and one that can also be used to play music. This music player comes with tons of features and functions that should provide a great way for you to play with your smartphone and the songs you have currently stored on it.  Note that this application is only free for 14 days and after that you will need to pay for it full version if you want to use its functions.

It has support for crossfade with auto and manual controls, bookmarking, replaygain function, DSP limiter, audio balance for left /right and many other functions that are specific to music playing apps. If you’re an Galaxy S3 user then you should disable the ‘auto haptic’ feature in case the playback isn’t working as it should; this option can be found in System Settings and then open Sound.

Also, users that are running on CM10 ROMs or any other Jelly Bean custom ROM, should disable the option that says ‘opensl’ in case the gmmp displays a crashs every time you play any song. This is beacause the OpenSL function is buggy when used on custom Jelly Bean ROMs. It contains a file browser, a manual art searcg, you can create custom actions for stop, Play Random, Loop Playlist, Play Random Album, Play Next Folder etc. It is highly customizable and you can choose from over ten different skins.

The lockscreen player allows you to control GoneMAD application without unlocking the device. There are numerous other functions and features that you can find only by testing this application.

If you want to use it, then you should first download the evaluation edition which can be installed from Google Play Store here. The unlocker for this app can be installed from HERE and it costs $4.

NRG Player:

This is a great player for users that don’t like the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as its interface is different from all other music players that made the switch for JB OS. It is an application that has been launched several years ago and that it still works great in 2012.

It is a beautiful application that features an equalizer, you ca play songs straight from your phone’s folders. You can change the UI appearance easily. Almost all audio file formats are supported and it can also play lossless formats like FLAC, ALAC, APE etc. You can choose from a wide range of standard EQ presets such as Rock, Bass, headphones, Classic Music, Club, Pop, Techno, Pop or you can choose to create your own equalizer presets.

It features integration with 4shared.com accounts or with any other accounts that are supporting music files. The playlists can comprise songs from 5 categories: cloud, albums, songs, files and cloud storage.

The homescreen widgets allows you to control the NRG Player right from your homescreen. These widgets can have their colors edited so that you’ll make them look more like your wallpapers. Many many other functions and features can only be discovered if you decide to test this application.

Get the trial version of NRG Player from Google Play Store. If you like this app, then you should install its Unlocker app which will upgrade NRG Player to PRO edition.

PlayerPro Music Player:

An advanced music player that has also video playing capabilities for devices that are running any Android OS version. It is a paid application and it doesn’t have a free version, which means that you might not be tempted to install it.

Its main features are the following: browse and play songs and audio files by artists, genre, songs, albums, playlist, folder etc, it can download automatically album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations; allows you to customize its interface; it offers users the possibility to read album and artist critic reviews; it can download, search and save Lyrics with your music audio files because of the ID3 tag integration; group and single tab editing functions have been added, which means that you can sort files by title, album, artist, track, year, genre etc; it supports any audio formats.

Other extra features are the Sleep Timer with fade out, text notifications, album/ artist artwork can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Picasa  or Gmail. It supports headsets and you can use a library wide search function along with support for voice search support. Swipe gestures are also included. You can choose from 2 different Lock Screen widgets and from up to 5 different home screen widgets. All these widgets can be customized thanks to the 6 different skins that are coming with the app. It also packs a Sleep Timer with fade out and multiple other great features.

PlayerPro Music Player has been installed by almost 500,000 users and it currently holds a 4.6 average rating in Google’s Play Store.

If you want to install it, then click HERE but know that you will have to pay $4.99 for it.


This is the mobile version of the world’s most popular music player and you can use its free version right on your Android device. It can be used with any variant of Android OS and this application brings a complete music application right on your smartphone.

It has support for iTunes library import, it can be used to listen to thousands of different radio stations because it features the SHOUTcast feature. As you already know, the Winamp app is capable of playing any audio file and if you’re planning of improving the Winamp for Android experience then you can use the in-app purchase and add the ‘Lyrics’ functions, ‘Album washer’ and the Pro Bundle files and get the full program. However, all these functions are already present in other apps listed in this article without the need of you paying for them. But, if you want to get a stable app that is capable of playing any files then Winamp is the one for you.

It is easy to use and you can choose from up to 14 different languages which are supported by it. It packs two different widgets, which can be added to your phone’s home screen. Another great function is the Wi-fi syncing that you can use to sync Winamp  with the desktop versions.

Get the WINAMP application from Google Play Store.


One of the most popular media player that allows users to play video, photos and especially audio files is also available for Android smartphone. It comes with multilingual support and its intuitive UI shouldn’t pose any problems when using it.

It features support for Last.FM scrobbling, just like Winamp but better. You can set widgets and control the app right from your Android homescreen. Note that RealPlayer works with any Android OS and you shouldn’t have any problems with it if you’re coming either from Gingerbread or Jelly Bean. The optimized graphics are looking great on HD smartphones and you can consider it to be an all-in-one media player which offers what every music enthusiast wants from such apps.

Set your own ringtone right from the apps’s interface without needing to go through the phone’s Settings menu. It plays any audio file formats and it also features support for headphones controls. Probably the best thing about RealPlayer, is that it doesn’t have any ads and it is free to use.

Install RealPlayer for Android from Google Play Store HERE.

n7player Music for Android:

The n7player has been created by N7 Mobile and it is one of the few 3D MP3 and music players for Android. It comes with support for multitouch and other neat functions and features. Its interface is rather interesting as the artist names of the songs playing are transformed into album artworks and this might be something that not many music players are using.

It brings a minimalistic UI and its main purpose is to be used by Android owners that don’t like crowded music players. It can automatically download album arts on its own.

Most tech critics and the Android user fanbase seem to like this application. It holds a score of 4.7 in Google Play Store by over 60,000 voters worldwide. It packs multiple other functions and features and it is a must use app. If you are unsure that you want to use this music player, then you should install its Trial version and you can use it like this for 14 days. After that you can use its unlocker app and upgrade it.

n7player Music Player for Android has already been installed over 5 million times and this number might rise if its developers decide to bring a new update focused on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Get the Free/ Trial version of n7player for Android from Google’s Play Store. You can use this n7Player app unlocker to get the full version. It costs $2.99.

Poweramp Music Player:

Poweramp is a music player designed for Android and it is one application that gets constantly updated so that all users will get the best out of it. It works with all Android OS versions and it can play any audio format such as mp3, mp4/ m4a, alac, ogg, wav, tta, aiff, ape, flac etc.

It comprises all the required functions and tools that makes it one of the best solutions for when it comes to listening to audio files on your smartphone or tablet device. I think that most users know how Poweramp works since it has been installed by almost 50 million users worldwide. Its free / trial version contains tons of features and functions that will keep you occupied for two weeks and after that, if you like it, you can choose to upgrade to the full edition.

It has support for 10 band optimized EQ that can work with any file formats, presets and even custom presets, it features a stereo expansion mono mixing balance, scrobbling, it can download album artworks that are currently missing from your audio files. You can even install themes offered by Poweramp or you cam choose to install any 3rd party themes that you think that might you better than the default one.

If you want to use Poweramp, go to Play Store here and install it.

After 15 days the trial version will expire and you have to upgrade to the full version if you want to continue using the Poweramp music player for Android.

I think that these are all the music players you can use on your Android device. Note that all these apps will work with any Android OS editions. If you think that there are any other great music players then you should tell us in comments and I update this article with the most interesting titles, obviously after testing them myself.