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Best Android Video Players 2013

There are tons of video players available from Google Play Store, but this post only contains some of the best applications that you can use to play your favorite movies and videos right on your Android device. Most video players listed below are free to use but some of them will ask you to pay for all features to be unlocked.

Note that this post contains only applications that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. Some video players will work with Android 2.1 and later versions, but there are also some titles that will work only with Android 4.x Jelly Bean smartphones. More info about each video player can be found below.

The applications aren’t listed in any particular order. If you think that the list I’ve compiled is missing some other great Android video player, then you can leave a comment at the end of this post and I will update the article accordingly. Remember that not all applications are free to use and some of them might require you to be always connected to the internet while using them.

VPlayer Video Player:

VPlayer now comes with a brand new design and the possibility for users to test its full version free for seven days. It features support for watching videos with Hardware accelerated decoding and playing in HD AVI, Mov, mkv, flv, m4v, ts and 3gp for almost all Android smartphones.

One of the best features packed in Vplayer is the support for playing videos from Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, DVR while using NAS, Wifi, UPnP or DLNA connections. You can also play any YouTube videos with this app and in case you own a dual-core or better equipped smartphones, then you will be able to play 720p / 2080p videos. It packs a great battery life manager that should make the application use less memory power so that the battery will last longer.

VPlayer is also a great alternative for smartphones running on custom ROMs that don’t have support for using their respective video player for various video formats. VPlayer should work with any custom ROMs and user interfaces.

It packs support for subtitles such as SubStation Alpha – .ssa / .ass, SubViewer – .sub, SAMI – .smi, MicroDVD – .sub, Subrip – .srt, MPL2 – .txt and others more. Also it is capable of MKV subtitle extraction and it supports multiple subtitles tracks. It can transport and play video data via http, rtpp, rtsp, rtmp, mms and http live streaming.

VPlayer is highly intuitive and you will notice that all the videos that are currently stored on your device will be shown in the ‘library’ section of the app, so that you’ll be able to access them faster than ever. If for any reason some videos aren’t shown in ‘library’, then you can use the app’s file explorer and browse your internal /external storage.

This app is created by Yixia Inc and it can be installed for free from Google Play Store here. Note that the full version trial expires after seven days. If you like this app, then you can pay for the full version using the VPlayer Unlocker tool from Google Play Store here.

Easy Video Player:

This is a small but capable of playing almost any type of video file formats. It automatically detects the video format and then uses its software engine to play all videos at a highest quality. It will automatically enable HD video that will allow you to watch any video files wherever you might be.

After installation, Easy Video Player will scan all the files stored on your device and display them all in a single menu. It remembers the playing progress and you can resume videos from where you left of when you closed the app. Also, the ‘hide video’ function does exactly what it says and you can use it in case you don’t want anyone to find particular videos.

The WiFi transfer function permits users to download and upload video files between your smartphone and other devices using WiFi networks.

Easy Video Players works with Android 2.0 and later versions. It measures only 5.5MB which means that you can install it using your mobile data connection too without worrying about that much data traffic.

Download and Install Easy Video Player from Google Play Store here.

VLC for Android Beta:

Despite the fact that the VLC for Android is only in its ‘beta’ phase, this app still packs some of the best features and it is also one of the easiest players that you can use on your Android smartphone / tablet. It can play any video formats and it is an official port of VLC Media Player desktop computer app.

I know that it is not a final nor stable build, but it still does what it says and offer you the possibility to watch movies and videos right on your device. Besides the video playing feature, you can use this app to manage and play music files too. Also, this media player for Android allows you to set your favorite songs as your default ringtone.

VLC for Android Beta app can be installed on Android 2.1 and later versions and devices that feature ARMv7 or X86 processor. The ARMv6 processors support is expected to be added in future builds.

Use VLC for Android to play all your local videos and audio files, network streams, browse internal storage and use the media library for better control over all the media files that are currently stored on your device. Also, this app has support for subtitles and multi-track audio, auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments, control volume using gestures and others more.

The current UI look is not the final one and surely it will change when the final build will be released. Note that this app will require permissions for hardware control to change audio volume, phone calls control for pausing media when someone is calling you, full Internet access in order to launch network streams, it has to read logs and send data back to its developers so that the VLC team will fix bugs, access to SD card files so that you’ll be able to delete files from within the app.

Download and install VLC for Android beta app from Google Play Store here.

This app is free and it has been created by VideoLabs. The Google Play rating is currently set to 4.4 from over 50,000 voters.

BSPlayer for Android:

This media player along with VLC are two of the most popular Windows media applications with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. This app is available in both free and paid version.

If you don’t want to pay for the full version, then you should know that the FREE BSPlayer version packs support for playing any type of media files but it is ad-supported. After the launch of Android 4.3, the BSPlayer team had to update the app as there was no support for the new Google operating system. Now, this app is working with all Android devices running even older builds of the app.

The ‘subtitles download’ function featured on the desktop version is also present on this application and you can use it in case you’ve downloaded a foreign film and you want to know what the people in the video are saying. You can use this app to play video files over Wi-Fi using the network shared folders and drives, Samba shared drivers, computer shared folders, NAS Servers and more others.

For the the subtitles download feature to work you will need to use an active internet connection.

BSPlayer for Android is capable of playing videos directly from RAR archives. Use the lockscreen button so that you won’t accidentally pause / close the video while playing. It has support for USB on-the-go.

Download and install BSPlayer FREE for Android from Google Play Store here.

Download and install BSPlayer FULL version from Google Play here.

Archos Video Player:

Small media player that supports almost all the video formats with a great UI that works only with Android 4.0 and later versions, which means that you won’t be able to install it on any previous Android OS versions.

Archos Video Player supports hardware accelerated video decoding support, it plays any video files from your PC and network via local network or directly from external USB sdcard. Also, it is capable of gathering data for TV series and Movies offers extra info about all media files stored on your device. Subtitles for shows and movies can be downloaded using this app and it will show up automatically. This small tool for playing media files on your Android measures only 7.4MB.

It isn’t one of the most popular applications but it does exactly what it says without crashing or experiencing any errors.

Download and install Archos Video Player FREE for Android from Google Play Store here.

Download Archos Video Player FULL version from Google Play here. This full version costs $4.99 and it doesn’t feature any ads. Also, it adds several new functions that will improve your Archos media playing experience.

MX Player:

MX Player is possibly one of the easiest and best video players for Android. It can play any video formats, show any type of subtitles that can be scrolled back and forth easy.

MX Player for Android has been installed over 50 million times all over the world and it holds a rating score of 4.7 from over 500,000 voters. The team behind this video player says that it is the first app to support multi-core decoding for video playback. A great small feature is the one that allows you to pinch to zoom in the video. Also, you can use gestures to control brightness, volume and other functions without pressing any buttons.

The KIDS lock allows you to prevent anyone from using any other apps or buttons while a video is required, but for this to work you will need to install a plugin. This app is free to use, but you can also choose to buy the PRO edition and experience new features and functions. The PRO version of MX Player won’t show any ads while using the app.

Download and install MX Player FREE from Google Play Store here.

Download MX Player PRO from Google Play Store here for $5.60.


Another great alternative to Android’s default video player is the Mobo Player by Mobo team. This is a popular media player that has already been installed over 50 million times on Android devices.

The MoboPlayer supports most video formats, but for some of them you will need to select the software decoder when there are unplayable videos. It supports subtitles like srt, saa, ass and mkv, mpv, mov and all kinds of other built-in subtitles. Also, you can create playlists using this app.

It support video streaming via HTTP and RTSP connections, it allows you to sort and organize videos by type, the media library help you easily play the videos you want fast and easy without closing the app.

The latest update for this app brought support for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the latest OS build released by Google. In order for your device to launch MoboPlayer it should be on Android 2.0 and later versions. Note that this app might still not work correctly with some devices.

MoboPlayer for Android features one of the simplest user interfaces, so you shouldn’t worry about not being able to learn how to use it as those users who already run the MoboPlayer on their Android smartphones and tablets know that. This small video player measures only 6.5MB and you can install it easily using the link below.

Download and install MoboPlayer for Android devices from here. It is free to use.

I think that these were all the video player worth mentioning. If you want to buy any application that I’ve listed above, then you should first try the free versions before deciding whether the app is worth the amount. If you think that there are other and better video players available for Android devices, then you should post them in comments and I’ll update this article with the most popular suggestions.

Make sure to check the Google Play Store constantly as there are tons of other new video players launched for Android devices.