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Best Android Video Players of 2012

Google Play Store is full of video players and here I’ve gathered all those applications that seem to be the best. Note that the video player apps listed in this post are listed randomly, and you can only learn which one is the best by simply testing each app, by yourself, for several hours before deciding which one suits your needs best.

Some of the apps in this article are free, while some of them will need to be paid in full for you to get the best video player experience. Paid versions of video playing apps aren’t limited in any way and it is always better to use such apps, but before you decide which app to buy, you should first test the free editions.

Not all apps that I have listed below were launched in 2012 but, this guide only lists apps that are still going strong despite being launched a couple of years back. All the Android video players are supported on all Android editions, starting with the Android 2.0 and reaching the latest Android 4.2 firmware and, I’m sure that the developers will continue to upgrade them every time Google launches a new Android OS.

VLC for Android Beta:

The worlds most popular media player application is also available for Android devices, though it is only working with smartphones and tablets with ARM v7 CPU or X86 CPU. At the moment this release is a BETA version and it still has some limitation, but it still brings almost all the desktop version functionality. This release of VLC app is destined to be used by advanced Android users.

It might be just an early release but it is still pretty stable and we can only dream about the final edition that should establish VLC for Android as the best video playing app. You can use it to play video and audio files. Also, it comes with support for network streams. Another great tool that is incorporated in VLC Beta, is the support for multi-track audio and subtitles and its capability for auto-rotation and customizable gestures for volume control.

There is also a widget that you can use for controlling the audio. It packs a nice looking UI, but this is expected to be changed in the future final release.

If you want to use this application as the default video player for your Android device, click here and get to the VLC for Android BETA Play Store page.

Mobo Player:

This is a popular video player that has been created by Mobo Team and it comes with support for almost all video formats, but you need to select ‘software decoding’ most of the times. It has support for subtitles with SRT, SAA and other formats. It is a well known app and it has already been downloaded and installed by over 4 million Android users.

It is a great alternative for the default Android video player as it comes with support for video streaming through HTTP and RTSP protocols. The Media Library allows you to sort all the videos that are currently stored on your device and it can play video with subtitles that are built into MPV, MOV, MKV and other different formats. There are numerous other features included and it seems like the developers are continuing to release monthly updates that are bringing new tweaks and with each release, Mobo Player seems like it provides a great alternative for all the other much more downloaded apps in the Play Store.

It isn’t a revolutionary device but it still has some neat tricks stored up its sleeve and since it is free you should give it a try. If you want to test this video player, then click here for the Mobo Player Play Store web site.

Dice Player:

Inisoft_dev is the one that created this great video playing tool for Android devices and you if you’re interested in using one that has support for Pop-up play, then this is the one for you. This is a rather unknown player but it still manages to offer of the best video playing experiences. It was only downloaded by merely 500,000 users but this number should rise as it gets better with every new release.

Dice Player can be installed on all Android smartphones with whatever OS version these might be running. It is mainly an HW Accelerated video playing tool that has features such as playback speed control and network support. You can also use it as an audio player. It has support for external subtitles which means that you can view any movies, TV show and then get a subtitle from an alternative source and then play it in Dice Player.

It supports the following video formats: avi, mov, flv, mkv, wmv, mp4, 3gp, 3gp2, mtp, m2ts, m4v and many others. It doesn’t have any major bugs and the video lag is almost undetectable in this release. Also, it packs an easy to control UI. So, if you want a fast, smooth and lag-free application that is capable of playing the video files in your Android, then you should use this Dice Player app.

Download and install Dice Player for Android from HERE.

BSPlayer Free / Full:

This is the mobile Android version of one of the most popular video player program and let me tell you that it is great. It incorporates tons of features and if you opt to use the Full Version then you will not be bothered by the ads that are present in the Free edition. It can be used with any Android version and it currently approaches almost 5 million Play Store downloads.

It is way better than the default player but it still has its own limitations, as it sometimes lags in HD videos and I’ve experienced several force closes with the latest versions. Its main strong points are the background playback via pop-up window, the HW accelerated video playback that should help the phone battery and reduce battery consumption, it has support for almost any video formats. Also, you can use it for streaming content like RTMP, HTTP live stream, MMS, RTSP and HTTP. You can use embedded and external subtitles and the best feature must be the automatic subtitle searching tool, which has been imported from the desktop version.

You can BS Player to play videos via Wi-Fi from LAN shared directories or PC without the need of converting any video file, which meant that the media files don’t need to be stored on the phone’s SD card anymore. It has support for USB on-the-go with a little help from a 3rd party app. It has support for almost all CPU variants and if you’re currently looking for a reliable video player, then the BS Player app should present on your Android smartphone.

If you want to test BSPlayer, then you should Install the Free version from HERE – google Play Store link. For the full version of BSPlayer for Android click HERE, as it only costs $6.

QQPlayer for Android:

A video player that has over 4 million installs and an average voting rating of 4.4 has to be in this article. It doesn’t have any extra features compared to the above apps but it still has a beautiful UI and it can be used with any Android version. It allows users to create private playlists and it comes with support for embedded MKV subtitle with SMI plug-in subtitle and you can use it to play any video formats.

QQPlayer features a small trick that allows its software to automatically detect the video format you’re trying to play and this means that you will be able to view the video without lag or fragmentation. It is an app that doesn’t require too much memory and it is free to purchase.

The application has been download by millions of users and there are several functions and features that are great, like the Jelly Bean interface.

Download and install QQPlayer video player for Android. It is a free application and it might be a somewhat limited in functions when compared to other similar apps, but it still does its job greatly.

VPlayer Video Player:

Its tagline ‘the best video player for Android’ isn’t exactly what you will think after using it, but it still looks and feels great after you end the trial version and upgrade to the Full Version. Probably the main feature of this app is that you can use it to easily play videos from NAS, via Wifi, UPnP, Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, DLNA and DVR. Also, it has support for YouTube and Vimeo videos which can be easily streamed right from its interface.

It packs a HW Accelerator media player especially created for Android phones and its developers are saying that it doesn’t require too much memory to run which means that it should protect your device’s battery life. But, this is a little off as, for me, Vplayer works just like the other video playing apps listed in this post and it didn’t seem like the battery lasted any longer while using it.

Obviously, it has support for almost all video formats and SSA, ASS, SMI, SUB, SRT and TXT subtitle formats are fully supported. 1080p vidoe format supported for ICS devices like the Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, HTC Evo 3D, MOTO Atrix etc. It works with the latest Android OS and you can use it as a trial edition for a week, after which you need to upgrade to its full version. Get the app from HERE or, if you prefer, buy the official Full version HERE.


This is an easy to use and small video player that has a clean UI and that you can control without too many problems. It packs multiple features just like the one that separates your movies, TV Shows and your personal videos so that you will access the file you want faster without the need of browsing the entire sd card to find them.

It can play only the video formats that your phone already supports, which means that you shouldn’t blame the app in case some videos aren’t playing but the phone instead. There aren’t too many bugs and this application has been downloaded by almost 5 million users. It is a free application but if you wish, you can buy the Pro edition and get several extra functions.

Get the free version of mVideoPlayer from HERE.

Get the PRO version of mVideoPlayer from HERE.

MX Player:

MX PLayer by J2 Interactive is one of the most popular video players and it already reached 50 millions installs from Google Play Store. There are numerous features that will make your device play almost any video formats with subtitles. It has Pinch-to-Zoom, subtitle scroll and it can be used with any Android devices.

It has support for Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and it will surely receive support for the next Android 4.2 version. This is one of the most used applications currently listed in the Google Play Store and the numbers of users using it should rise as the time goes by. Its average rating is set to 4.7 with over 250k user leaving their personal app reviews.

You can add Kids Lock plugin and keep away videos that are inappropriate from them. There are multiple gestures that you can use to easily control the app and videos. You can learn how to use the application by simply launching it. The free edition of MX Player contains ads, but if you want to remove them, then you will simply have to install the PRO version.

Get the MX Player FREE from HERE.

Get the MX Player PRO variant ad-free from HERE.

All the applications that I have listed in this post are from Google’s Play Store. In case you know of other apps that you consider to be better than the ones above, then you should list them in our comments section, and we will update this post with the most interesting ones.

All video players listed in this post are featuring a free edition and it is recommended for you to use that one before deciding if you want to purchase the PRO editions. For any extra questions, use the comments section at the end of this article.