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Best Android Weather Apps 2013

Weather applications are some of the most used services by Android users and in this post you will find on some of the best ones. All the applications that you will find in this post can be found in Google Play Store. Some of the listed Weather apps are popular while others are more reliable but not so well known.

This isn’t a ‘top 10’ Weather apps, but a guide for users who want to test and create an idea about some of the best Android Weathers apps out there. Some of these applications are already pretty well known in the Android community while others have been released only this year. Read all the info listed below and then you can make your own decision about which Weather app.

N0te that not all apps will be 100% reliable as it depends mostly on your location and a wide array of factors. That is why it would be best for you to first download and test the application that you want to use as your default Weather tool.

Several tools listed below are only widgets and you will be able to use it only by activating them.

The Weather Channel:

This is the official weather forecasting app for Android created by the Weather Channel. It uses the TruPoint forecasting software to grab your location and predicting as accurately as possible the local forecast.

The Weather Channel app will send notifications that will alert you whenever a new rain or drastic weather change will take place in less than 6 hours. You can get hourly, daily, weekly or even 10-days forecasts. Past and Future radar options will offer you the possibility to follow and track storms and other similar phenomenons. Local forecast and popular videos can be viewed directly to your device using the user-friendly UI.

This application is free to use and it has already been installed on a total of almost 50 million Android devices worldwide. Download and install Weather Channel application from Google Play Store here.

(1)Weather Local Forecast and Radar:

This application was trending on Google Play Store several weeks ago and it was downloaded by millions of users in only a few days. The design of this weather forecasting tool is beautiful while its interface is great for new Android users. You can easily learn your way around this tool.

Some of the best tools of this app are as following: Hourly forecast and precipitation details, follow user location, live animated radar along with extreme weather alerts for United States residents, 7 day forecast support, animated sunrise, sunset and lunar phases, Enhanced Cloud Layer for International places are now available from the Radar Screen.

You can choose from tons of different weather theme background images and you can easily share weather details with friends using Twitter, Facebook, mail and other similar social sharing services.

1Weather or Weather Local Forecast and Radar tool has been designed by OneLouder Apps. It can be installed on any Android device that runs on Android 2.2 and later versions. It is free to use.

Download the applications from Google Play Store here.

Android Weather and clock widget:

Small and somewhat minimal weather widget that will give you the detailed weather forecast on a daily basis. It features support for all big cities and locations worldwide. Also, you can set it to search for your current address and display info such as temperature, weather condition, humidity, wind speed and direction.

It can offer you weather forecasts up to ten days. It is free to use and download and it packs multiple different widget sizes. You can set it as portrait or landscape. It can be installed on Android 2.2 and later versions. The temperature can be enabled to appear in the status bar. You can set it to update only when your device is on Wi-Fi connection. It can be used to disable internet connection whenever you’re on roaming. Also, you can choose from Fahrenheit or Celsius units.

Android Weather has support for displaying weather conditions for ten different locations at the same time.It packs notification alert support, but you can easily disable it in case you don’t like being bothered by this type of applications.

Supports English, Dansk, Deutch, Suomi, Nederlands, Slovakian, French and multiple other languages.

It has been designed and released by Devexpert.NET and it can download and installed for free from Google Play Store here.


AccuWeather.com is the company that designed this application for Android and it is one of the most popular tools for such devices. Since it has packed the Holo widgets it has managed to distinguish itself from other weather forecasting tools. It looks more like a native Jelly Bean application.

However, it can work with any Android 2.2 and later smartphones and tablets. It packs a 4×1 widget which can display Dew Point and Probability Precipitation info. It packs a radar tool for the entire North America and Europe since it packs Google Maps integration.

The status bar can display the current temperature from AccuWeather. Also, you can easily customize it to display info when travelling or for any other activities that you’re about to participate in. There are tons of other great features that you can discover only by testing it.

This application is free to use and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store here.


The Weatherbug tool by Earth Networks is fantastic and, for me, is one of the most reliable applications. It comprises one of the laargest weather forecasting networks and it seems to be highly praised by the Android community.

It works with Android 2.2 and newer variants. It is continuously supported by the developer and usually it gets periodically maintenance updates. Some of its main features are these: pin-point visual forecasts, improved interactive maps, doppler radar, humidity, pressure, traffic, satellite imaging, notification alerts for extreme weather conditions, live weather cams, Lifestyle forecasts, GPS locations and multiple others.

A brand-new feature is the Spark Alerts, a tool that you can enable and it tells you where did a lighting appear in real time. Also, you can choose to share weather info via the Social Sharing function. You can save as many locations as possible and the app will memorize them for you.

The WeatherBug tool can be downloaded freely from Google Play Store here.


This is a weather station that you can enable for your Android device. This application is great for any type of users as you can easily learn your way around it without the need of any extensive Android operating skills. It has been downloaded by almost 10 million users and it is mostly based on Europe.

The Wetter.com tool has been designed by wetter.com AG and it brings you seven-day forecast, live temperature, home screen widget, GPS location, powerful search, animated rain radar for Spain and Germany, weather alert for users based in Germany, weather videos, editorial forecasting for Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

For the widgets to work you will need to install the application on your device’s internal storage and not on the external sd card. This is a great tool and you can download and install it on your device by visiting the Play Store here.

Eye in Sky Weather:

This is one great small tool that you can easily add to your device. It packs thirteen weather icon sets or you can even add your own sets for weather icons. You can install it for free but you will get ads . In case you want to remove the ads then you will need to purchase a Pro Key.

This is an application with a great name for a weathering app and it has already been installed by 3 million users. It allows you to choose from 4 different widgets that are very customizable. This is an app that will work with any device that uses Android 2.2 or later variants. It packs only 8MB and it can be installed in under 1 minute from anywhere in the world.

The clean UI is one of its best features along with pin-point weather condition accuracy.

The Eye in Sky Weather app is free to download from Google Play Store here.

Meteo Earth:

This application is not free to use but it is a ‘revolutionary’ tool designed by MeteoGroup. It has been adapted from a tool that is usually used by TV presented worldwide and the best part about it is that it packs great graphics and weather forecasting for all Earth’s regions.

The 3D globe can be used just like you would use the Google Earth app and you can easily go from Europe to US and compare the weather conditions for these continents at the same time. Some of its other great features are the following ones: Worlwide weather conditions displayed in real-time, great HD graphics, Interactive, it is fully customizable, pressure, cloud cover, wind, temperature, precipitation, Full Screen mode option is supported, local time zone clocks for your favorite locations, moon phases, daylight and darkness, country borders and multiple others.

If you aren’t sure about this app then you can buy it and if you don’t like how it works, then you can refund the purchase after several minutes. Tell us in comments which are the features that impressed you the most about this tool.

Meteo Earth is not free to use and you can buy it from Google Play Store here. It has only been released only recently and it might still pack some errors while using it.

Note that this small tool will work exclusively with devices that are running Android 4.0.3 ICS and later Jelly Bean ROMs. You cannot install it on Gingerbread phones nor on any other old versions.

GO Weather EX:

This is one of the most popular weather application currently out there. There are almost 50 millions users who already downloaded and tested this great tool for Android. You can get it for free and if you like to tinker with the UI of such apps, then you can easily use the Theme manager included within the application.

It will give you the full weather condition for the next 24 hours, weather forecast for the next five days, dynamic background, auto refresh, weather details for the next hours and tons of other great small features. It packs only 6MB and it can easily installed and activated. Besides the application you will also get the beautiful widget that configure to show weather conditions from multiple locations simultaneously.

If you want this application then you should download and install it from Google Play Store here.

Yahoo! Weather:

This was once one of the best and most reliable tools for finding weather forecasts. However, in the last year, Yahoo Weather hasn’t been that popular but you can still get all the info you want with almost pin-point accuracy. Yahoo! upgraded their weather app so that you can get the weather forecast along with some splendid pictures from all around the world.

It packs all the tools and feature that you will find in almost any other application. It is easy to install and use.

Yahoo! Weather was downloaded and installed by at least eight million users from all around the world, and you can install it from Google Play Store here.


This application is destined for those users who want to integrate the weather info with social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This is not a proper weather forecasting tool, as users are the ones taking photos and updating data to the apps servers and so their friends will learn about temperatures directly from them.

You simply launch InstaWeather and take a picture, then the app will post the temperature info over the phone and then you share it via Instagram. It allows users to choose from 9 different themes displaying different weather data such as temperature. It has support for displaying weather forecast for today or for the entire week and it uses both Celsius and Fahrenheit units.

Download the install InstaWeather from Google Play Store here.

I think that these were all the applications I had for you. Make your own choice and, if you think that this post should’ve featured some other weather apps then you’re free to post them in comments. I will try to update this post daily with users’ favorite tools for predicting weather conditions worldwide.