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Best Android Web Browsers

Chrome Beta for Android

Android devices are great and currently there are numerous web browsers but only a few exist that are capable of fast loading web pages, enabling custom gestures for better productivity and being equipped with a user friendly interface and, that’s why I’ve created this article to help you find easier a web browser to install on your Android.

The Android stock web browser works great and it packs support for voice search, syncing between multiple devices, JavaScript, User Agents, Adobe Flash, sharing functions and multiple other features that makes it already one of the best internet browsers for mobile, which is why the ones I will be listing below should be packed with some other features that will make them worthy of your phone/ tablet.

Android’s default browser is OK but there other ones that feature multiple other options and are way faster, easier to use and much more stable. Below you can find some of the best internet web browsers for Android along with their Google Play download links:

Dolphin Browser HD is one of the most popular Android browsers on Google Play Store holding a review rating of 4.7.

It is considered to be the fastest and easiest one to use with custom gestures, Webzine, new interface themes and flsh support for Android 2.2 and newer versions.

  • Sonar is a feature similar to ‘voice to search’ and you can use it to browse and search the web using vocal commands along with support for creating bookmarks, share pics and files over the internet. All the things you wish to perform on Dolphin Browser HD can be managed and controlled with Sonar function.
  • Gesture function allows users to create custom gesture for any browser action.
  • Webzine is a tool that offers you the possibility to browse the web faster without loading ads. It is great for users that wish to have a more simplified web browsing experience.
  • Speed Dial allows you to set your favorite internet web pages for an easier access and using a single tap you will be taken to the desired web page.
  • Tabbed browsing does exactly what it says allowing you to open multiple web pages at the same time so that you will be able to switch between multiple websites fast and easy.
  • Sidebars 

Download and install Dolphin Browser HD from Google Play Store here.

Opera Mobile 12 is the mobile version of the more popular computer version. Its last version, which hit the 12th installment, has been launched at MWC and it is the best browser with almost full support for HTML5.

Download and Install Opera Mobile 12 from Google Play Store here.

Firefox 10 is considered to be way faster than Dolphin Browser HD and it packs tons of features and extensions like Adblock Plus, LastPass password manager, Evernote. The Firefox mobile browser doesn’t work well with Adobe Flash but it still manages to pull better benchmark ratings than Dolphin HD.

Download Firefox web browser from Google Play Store here.

CHROME Beta is my default web browser and I can say that it simply blew my mind when I’ve first installed it on my Android. The only thing that bothers me is that it is only available for Ice Cream Sandwich devices which means that it can’t be used by Gingerbread users and they don’t even know what they’re missing when it comes to really browsing the internet.

The Chrome Beta should not stay in this phase for much longer, as Google, recently said that they’re approaching the final phase of beta testing and we should see the final version released before July comes. It is the fastest and easiest browser to use and until I’ve installed it, Dolphin Browser HD was the default internet surfing tool I’ve used.

It features accelerated page loading, zooming and scrolling, navigate and search straight from the omnibox, you can open and switch between unlimited tabs. It has support for syncing with your desktop Chrome installation or with the Chrome for tablet application using a single click. It packs the desktop version of Incognito mode, which allows you to privately browse the internet without storing any websites or search strings you’ve entered while using Incognito.

For the moment, Google Chrome beta for Android is only available for Android 4.0 ICS for several countries worldwide. However, the full version should be made available for worldwide Google Play Store markets.

Download Chrome Beta for Android from Google Play Store here.

Other browsers that are worth being mentioned are these: Dolphin Mini / Opera Mini /  ICS Browser+ / UC Browser

If you know of any other Android mobile web browser then you should let us know by posting in comments.