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Best Free Android Games 2012

There are numerous good Android Games that you can try to play on your smartphone and in this post I’ve tried to gather the best ones. Below you can find the most played, popular and some of the most addictive free video games that one can play on his/ her Android device.

All games listed below are free to play but note that some of them will show ads and other offers. Most games listed below are easy to play and be careful as some of them are extremely addictive and installing them might not be a good idea as it will affect your productivity. Now that I’ve told you the risks, you can move to the first game and learn why you should play it. Also, you will find Google Play Store links for all games that I have listed in this post.

Hill Climb Racing:

It was launched in 2012 and it easily became one of the most played games last month. It is an uphill racing / driving game that packs good physics and it is extremely user friendly.

You can play it on smartphones that are running Android 2.2 and newer versions. You’re playing as Newton Bill, who is an ambitious racer that has to ride uphill, collect coins and defy the laws of physics. You will need to beat all hills and reach the highest ones at the same time as completing several challenges. You will have to ride six hill climbing landscapes and you can perform various tricks and collect all coins in order to upgrade your vehicle that will eventually help you reach your objectives.

The main features of this game are the six stages such as Countryside, Arctic, Desert and Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon; you can share your high scores using screenshots, it has a great physics simulator, great graphics and it will work with both phones and tablets. After you will upgrade the car’s engine, you will hear it sound just like a real turbo one. It is mostly bug free. You can control the car easily and by performing tricks and climbing the highest hills you should be able to set a new high score between you and your friends.

The developing team behind this game is Fingersoft and it seems like the game will reach five million total installs before 2012 will end.

If you want to play this game, you will have to download and install it from the Hill Climb Racing Google Play Store dedicated web page.

Flow Free:

This is a brain & puzzle video game and it can be played on Android devices that are running the 2.2 and later firmware OS. It is a simple and addictive game that tells you to connect matching colors dots with a pipe that should eventually create a flow. You have to pair all the piper colors and cover the entire phone screen if you want to solve the Flow Free puzzle. Note that the pipes should not cross each other nor overlap as that will result in a failed attempt of completing game stages.

The main features of this game are the over six hundred different puzzle stages, free play time, time trial game mode, colorful UI and some great sound effects. It has been created by Big Duck Games LLC with the participation of Noodlecake Studios. This game has already been downloaded by over five million users and it seems like it is currently one of the most popular games in Play Store.

If you want to play this game then you should head to Google’s Play Store and get it from it’s own download web page.

Bad Piggies:

As you already know, this is the latest games that was released by Angry Birds’ developing team, ROVIO. It tells the story from the piggies perspective and you will need to help them hunt for the eggs. It is an extremely addictive game that allows you to create and manufacture the best flying, rolling, crawling, crashing  and spinning car or device that should allow your piggies to find the eggs.

It currently features 72 different levels and you should expect numerous other ones to be added in the upcoming months. You simply need to create the ultimate flying device that should allow the bad piggies to reach their destination safely. The greatest thing about this game is that its motto is ‘Get ready to see pigs fly’,  which term is now something not impossible anymore because of it.

Other features of this video game are the 18 extra stages that you can unlock by scoring three stars for each level, all updates are free, 33 different objects that you can use to create the ultimate flying machine such as wings, motors, bottle rockets, fans, balloons etc. The Mechanic Pig is there to help you as it will pre-assemble the transport without you needing to needing to worry about it but, you still have to pilot it. There are some other features but you will discover them only by playing the game.

If you want to play this game, then you should download and install it from Google Play Store.

Temple Run:

The first part of this year was pretty damaging for me when it came to being productive, as this game has stolen numerous hours from my time. It was launched for iOS the first time and when the Android version was launched it become an instant hit with millions of Android gamers playing the game in its first week since release.

It wasn’t launched this year but it is still played by tens of millions users worldwide which keeps it in the most popular section of Google’s Play Store. It is easy to play but as you advanced and more KMs are added to your foot race, the game graphics will run faster and the game will be harder to control. Try to make the highest score and become the best Temple Run player by beating all your friends’ scores.

It is a game of skill as it will put your reflexes to a test as you will race in an ancient temple with narrow cliff. The controls are easy as you will have to avoid obstacles by turning, jumping and sliding. Also, you will need to collect coins if you want to get extra boosts by using power ups, unlocking new running characters to reach a longer distance every time you start a new game.

Temple Run has been created by Imangi Studios and you can get it here.

Fruit Ninja Free:

Another globally successful and popular video game that made our top article. This is a game that we demoed in this YouTube video.

It has been downloaded and played by over 70 million persons all over the world and the it became a smash-hit almost since its first days of release. If you’ll at the video you will learn how you can play the game but we strongly advise you not to use any objects to slice the Fruit Ninja fruits as that will surely damage the device’s display. Simply swipe accross the screen with your fingers and get a high score. You can choose from 3 game modes in single player mode. If you use Openfeint then you can compare your score across worldwide leaderboards to see if you’re one of the best Fruit Ninja players.

The game modes included within the game are Classic, Zen and Arcade. New game modes might be available in future releases. It was created by Halfbrick Studios and the number of players for this game continue to grow with every day. If you want to play it, then you can download and install it from its dedicated Google Play Store web page.

Magic Wingdom:

This is a brand new action puzzle game from PlayCreek LLC that is already reaching 1 million installs in the last few weeks. It features tones of features and you need to simply connect egg shaped rubies and emeralds and collect coins, gain points of experience, complete missions and quests. Also, you can upgrade powerups and unlock several achievements.

Other features present in Magic Wingdom are the 3 game arenas, unique gameplay physics and mechanics, 6 different upgrading powerups, 20 achievements for you to unlock and many others that will find only if you play this game. It is somewhat addictive and it has some hidden features ( chicken farm, plants etc ) that can be found after completing different levels.

If you want to play this game then you should get if from its Google Play page here.

Jetpack Joyride:

Barry Steakfries is the hero of this game and you need to use him in order to fly the best jetpacks and explore the skies to experience a one-way adventure. This is a game that has been created by the same company as Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios and it seems like they’ve managed to create a new smash-hit title, as the game is currently played by over 5 million users globally.

Jetpack Joyride received the Pocket Gamer awards for Best Action/ Arcade Game and Overall Game of the Year for 2012. Also, it has received multiple other awards.

You’re playing as Barry and you will break into a top-secret lab to test the experimental jetpacks and get them away from the science villains. It is easy to control as you simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend. You will have to jump and avoid obstacles, shoot at enemies in your quest to collect coins and complete missions to gain cash in order to buy the newest gear in the Stash. Your objective is to make high scores and become the best Jetpack Joyride player over the worldwide leaderboards.

Other features can be discovered by playing the game and testing all the methods you know in order to gain faster coins and cash. If you want to play this game then you should visit Google Play Store and download it.

Air Hockey Deluxe:

It is one of the most popular tablet sports video game for Android devices. Just like its title says, this is an Air Hockey video game that offers you two different game modes, Classic and Timed, along with the 2 Players mode. You can choose from 6 tables, mallets and pucks but, probably the best thing about this game, are the sound effects as these seem to be taken from a spaceship.

You can choose from three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. If the Easy mode doesn’t challenge you then you should go straight to the top difficulty level. It is a great game for wasting time when there is nothing better waiting to be done. It’s extremely easy to play but be careful as you might damage the phone display in case you’re pushing too hard for a win.

If you want to play this game then you should get it from Google Play Store here.

Zombie Frontier

This is an Arcade and Action video game that can be played on smartphones running the Android 2.2 and later firmware OS. This is a game that puts you into the middle of a humans vs zombie war that takes place in 2020. T viruses are spreading worldwide and you are a survivor who has to wipe out all zombies and save the Earth.

Features of Zombie Frontier are music and sound effects, wildly firing all over the place to kill numerous zombies at the same time, an upgrade system for weapons and the possibility to kill various types of zombies. Also, you will find and get new bonus things. There are several other features but you will find them only by playing this game.

Zombie Frontier is played by millions of people worldwide, and if you’re searching for a game that doesn’t require any special skills, then this is the one for you, as you simply aim and shoot at every single thing that appears on your screen. Get the game here from Google Play Store.

Other great games:

The above titles are the best I could find but, there are tons of other great free Android games that you could play. Here’s a list comprising several other worthy of playing titles:

Feel free to post you favorite titles in our comments section and we will try to keep this post updated with the latest and best Free Android 2012 Games.