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Best Free Android Live Wallpapers

Android allows you to use live wallpapers along with the classic ones, which make your smart phone display look much better. Live wallpapers can interact with you and aren’t static, like the classic wallpapers. You can find literally hundreds of live wallpapers for your Android device, but not all of them look good or work very well.

Fortunately for you, we’ve tested hundreds of live wallpapers and made a collection of the best ones. The one we present here work very well, don’t use much resources and are also free. And most of the come with many customization options so you can make them look just the way you want.

If you don’t know how to use them, please read our guide here, because they don’t act just like normal apps so you will not find an app to launch them directly.

Please note that most live wallpapers use many resources, drain battery life and can make your device run slower. But not the ones presented here ! We tested them all and don’t require much resources, so you will not even feel them running in the background.

While all the live wallpapers presented here are free, you can give them all a try and use the one you like the most.


Splatter is probably the most popular live wallpaper on Android and it allows you to fulfill your display with paint splatters. It uses wonderful colors and it can remind you of a paint ball game.

It works just great and a splat appears every time you touch the screen. You really have to install it and give it a try.

Download Splatter here.

Pixel Rain

This can be every geek’s dream and it looks amazing. You can also customize it very well and choose the pixels size, color, length and even trails.

You can choose random colors, gradient or a single color for the rain.

Download Pixel Rain here.

Solar Wind

Solar Wind can make your display become very colorful and it really has a plethora of customization options. This live wallpaper is definitely worth a try and it doesn’t use many resources at all.

Options include wind speed, motion blur, particle emission speed and much more.

Download Solar Wind here.


This live wallpaper has been developed by the Go Dev Team, who are very popular in the Android community. They develop the best Android apps and wallpapers.

It’s recommended to use it on an Amoled smartphone, because its colors will really look amazing.

Download Euphoria here.

3D Skyrocket

The 3D skyrocket wallpaper looks really realistic and you will have a feeling that you look at live fireworks on your smart phone display.

It also can be customized very well and uses less resources than most live wallpapers on Android.

Download 3D Skyrocket here.

3D Fireflies

This one also looks stunning on an Amoled display and it’s also free, but the plethora of customization options come only with the paid version. Though the free version is worth giving a try too, because it looks just great even without the paid features.

Download 3D Fireflies here.

Maxelus Galaxy Tetrology

You can choose from a multitude of galaxies, which all look just great. It’s been optimized for both smaller display Android smartphone and big display tablets, so you have to give it a try whatever device you may have.

Download Inferno Galaxy, Ice Galaxy, Vortex Galaxy and Shadow Galaxy.


If you didn’t know, researchers discovered that aquariums can be very calming and you can now have one on your Android smart phone display.

It looks awesome and very realistic. You can now have a plethora of colorful fish swimming through your device, all for free.

Download Aquarium here.

Super Mario

Super Mario has been the game of our childhood and it now reached Android. It’s graphics don’t look very well, but I believe you were expecting this, considering the game is probably as old as yourself.

Download Super Mario here.

Foto Tiles Slideshow

As its name suggests, this live wallpaper brings your photo gallery to your device homescreen. You can customize how the photos appear and how the slideshow acts. It features really a multitude of options and you can do whatever you want with it.

Download Foto Tiles Slideshow here.