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Best Office Suite Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Google Play Store for Android hosts a large number of office suite apps for viewing and editing documents, but it’s not easy to choose the best solution.

Almost all the smartphones on the market come preinstalled with an app for viewing office documents. Most of them are simple apps that allow the users to view Word and Excel files, but there are certain apps out there that are compatible with most of the documents, including PowerPoint.

Sometimes, especially when you can’t get in front of your computer, you need to quickly edit certain documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. That’s the moment when you will need the office suite apps that allow you to edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, and there are a lot of options out there.

There are some free office apps in Google Play, but most of them are payed, but they are worth every penny given their advanced editing options.

Of course, the small display, like the ones of the smartphones, will make the text editing experience less fluid, especially when it comes to Excel tables and graphics. Still, a good office application can help you solve your problems fast, as many apps also allow you to sync them with cloud services.

Google Drive – Free

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that also integrates Google Docs. The app allows you to open any type of office documents directly form your Android terminal and it does an good job when it comes to editing them as well. The Word files can be handled with ease, while the Excel sheets can be edited using a lot of advanced functions. Even though it requires a permanent internet connection, any file can be downloaded on the device for any further editing and viewing offline.

Google Drive for Android

Documents to Go – $14.95

The free Android version of Documents to Go will only bring you a simple office documents viewer, but the payed version will allow you to edit various types of files and open the ones that are password-protected. It’s one of the most popular office suite app for mobile devices because of it’s advanced editing function, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it flows. For example, it doesn’t display the pictures included in Word documents. it offers support for Google Drive, too.

Documents to Go for Android

Kingsoft Office – Free

Probably the best free office app for Android phones and tablets, Kingsoft Office allows you to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It supports the copy-paste function between apps, displays the images inserted in documents, and it correctly displays even the most complex documents. Moreover, it offers integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. Still, Kingsoft Office is not capable of opening password-protected files, which might cause you some problems if you have confidential documents on your smartphone.

Kingsoft Office for Android

QuickOffice Pro – $14.99 or $19.99

The mobile version of the popular Quick Office suite for desktop offers advanced editing features, while bringing an intuitive user experience. You can even insert pictures in a document, and the application has support for various cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Still some documents will show up an error as soon as you try to open them, especially the complex ones. Another minus of QuicOffice is that it lacks a search function, which can be a bit frustrating if you have a lot of office files on your device.

QuickOffice Pro (Office and PDF) for Android

QuickOffice Pro HD for Android

Office Suite Pro 6 PDF&HD – $14.99

Office Suite 6 Pro is one of the best apps in Google Play, allowing you to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. It is capable of displaying pictures and graphics from the Word and Excel documents, it can convert any office documents in PDF format, and has a print feature. Moreover, is one of the few apps can open password-protected files and that comes with integration for SkyDrive, besides the “classic” Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SugarSync. The only disadvantage is that it poorly displays PDF files.

Office Suite Pro 6 PDF&HD for Android

ThinkFree Office Mobile – $9.99

Despite what its name might suggest, ThinkFree is a payed office suite that does a good job when it comes to editing various formats and it offers 2 GB of cloud storage, but it has a “spartan” user interface and it only comes with Google Drive integration. Moreover, many users have reported freezes while using the apps, and even the developer confirmed the bugs.

There’s also a tablet version of the application that can be found by following this link.

ThinkFree Office Mobile for Android

Soon: Microsoft Office Mobile for Android

Microsoft will launch Office Mobile in 2013, the mobile version of the popular Office suite developed by the Redmond-based company. Rumor has it that Microsoft Office for Android will be free and it will allow the users to view office documents. If you want to edit the documents you will have to pay a subscription for Office 365 service, at prices that are yet unknown.

Office Mobile will have a lot of competitors in Google Play, and even though they are a bit too expensive the older apps have already won their reputation and a large number of users. Office Mobile is expected to drop in Google Play Store in May.


The smartphone and tablet users can choose from a couple of powerful apps that allow them to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, some of them with integration for cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or even SkyDrive.

The quality office suite apps have prices above the average of a mobile app, but in most of the cases the price is fully justified for the users that frequently use office suites on their Android-powered smartphones or tablets.