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Best Social Network Apps For Android Phones

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are some of the most used social media applications on the Android smartphones.

Even if it is the simplest form of accessing a social network, some similar applications developed by third party devs are even more efficient, either in terms of simpler interface, either because they run faster.

In addition, some applications integrate several social networks into a single interface, with the advantage of quickly checking posts regardless of the social network in which they operate, and can quickly publish information across multiple channels, without being forced to enter into separate applications.

Therefore, in this article we will present you some of the most popular and best alternative to native applications for social networks.

Friendcaster for Facebook

For a good time, the native application for Facebook was very slow and difficult to use, which allowed Friendcaster to grow in popularity.

The application has a simpler and cleaner interface than Facebook and allows you to do virtually any standard operation: to update yourstatus, to upload a photo, send messages, like posts, share and comment on your friends posts. In addition, photo galleries can be seen in full-screen and can quickly see on the map where your friends are located.

Also, you get real-time notifications (the developer says it is the only third-party application with such a function), but also a lot of themes to customize the application.

Friendcaster for Facebook Google Play download link

ShortBlogger for Tumblr

If you are one of Tumblr fans, then you might like ShortBlogger more than native application due to its intuitive interface that allows you to quickly update your “photo blog”. Obviously, you can view the latest posts of the blogs you follow, and to like those that you enjoyed the most.One of the most useful features is the one that lets you save images from blog feeds you follow directly on the microSD card.

ShortBlogger for Tumblr Google Play download link


Even though it is now owned by Twitter, TweetDeck application was originally developed by third party developers and it has the advantage that also integrates Facebook. Thus, a single application can help you enjoy two of the most popular social networks, and you can manage your accounts more quickly, because get posts and updates in one feed on both accounts. In addition, the application is compatible with Foursquare, a social network that is not that popular outside US.

TweetDek Google Play download link


Seesmic is probably one of the most used social media applications because of its clean interface and because of the numerous options available. It integrates with Twitter and Facebook and allows simultaneous use of multiple Twitter accounts. In addition, you can post a message directly to both social networks and view directly adjacent network application and pictures on Instagram. You can also block updates coming from a friend on Facebook or a Twitter account that you follow. One of the latest features introduced is adding screenshots on the main screen for any action: for example, you can shortcut your girlfriend profile.

Seesmic Google Play download link

Imo Messenger

Imo Messenger is not an application for managing social networks, but one that strictly handles the messaging area. Thus, the application integrates almost all chat programs from the top social networks: Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo and many other more or less popular ones. It is one of the best solutions for users who frequently use multiple accounts because the application allows you to manage all conversations in one place.

Imo Messenger Google Play download link


Another all-in-one social app is Path, which integrate with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Fousquare and one of the attractions is the ability to post a message directly to all four social networks.

In addition, the application is a stand-alone social network that lets you connect with a maximum of 150 people, the goal being to have links only with family, close friends and maybe colleagues. Interestingly, the application does not have desktop version and is only available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Path Google Play download link


Despite the inevitable major popularity enjoyed by native applications for social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there are many third-party applications that can handle the same tasks at least as good as them.

The most popular remain those that allow integration of several social networks, as this saves you precious time when it comes to checking the latest updates or when you want to write a message on each network separately.