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Block / Ignore Incoming Text Messages From Annoying Persons On Android

Mobile Manager App

We all have some contacts in our phones that insists on sending lame texts that annoy us or, let’s say that person is an angry ex and it sends tons of daily messages trying to get your attention and you wish that you could have an app capable of blocking incoming texts, feat that would allow you to ignore all the annoying texts and block specific contacts once and for all. This is possible and it can be done easily with a simple Android app called NetWin’s Mobile Manager app specially designed to block and ignore texts on your phone.

Mobile Manager allows you to create blacklists where you can add all the contacts from whom you don’t wish to receive any more SMS text messages. Mainly this app allows the text to come but if it detects that it has been sent from one of the blacklisted contacts then it will ignore it and you won’t be notified about it.

The Mobile Manager app can be downloaded from here. It is the developer’s website and you need to select the Android version and your smartphone’s brand and model. After that simply click the download link and install it on your device. Alternatively you can scan the QR code on the same page and you will be taken to Google’s Play Store. Now move to the tutorial guide to learn how to configure Mobile Manager and ignore text messages.

  1. Launch the app on your Android phone. Press its Settings button.
  2. Go to SMS options by tapping on the SMS Blocking tab menu.
  3. Configure the options listed there for blocking SMS. It is recommended that you select ‘blacklist’ as the method to be used to ignore incoming text messages.
  4. Customize the notification options and then go back to the main menu of NQ Mobile Manager.
  5. Press the Blacklist button and then press ‘Add a number’. Choose between ‘Add from contacts’, ‘Add from call log’, ‘Add from SMS log’ and ‘Input Number’.
  6. That should do it. If you wish to add more people to the blacklist repeat the step above and that should do it.

The Mobile Manager app will block and ignore all texts along with any incoming calls the person blacklisted might attempt to make. The best thing about this app is that you won’t notice when the incoming calls or texts were made and you won’t be notified also. However, these are still recorded in the apps history and it can be checked whenever you wish to.

If you change your mind about a person and you remove it from the blacklist then all the blocked text messages sent by that person will be displayed in your Android’s messaging log. I think that this should do it. In case you have any extra questions/ concerns, please feel free to post in our comments section.