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Buy Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 from Amazon for $100 until August 1st

Amazon has recently added the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now they’re offering it for only $99.99 if you wish to become a new Sprint customer. This is is great news for those of you want to get your hands on a great device at such a low price.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint for $100, which is a great offer. Also, Amazon will give up on the $36 activation fee, which means that you will only have to pay the smartphone’s value only. Until now, for the Sprint SGS4 you had to pay $139.99 plus the activation fee. However, starting with this Sunday, July 28, Amazon offers the Galaxy S4 on Sprint with a discount price. This offer is only available until the Thursday, August 1st.

The device comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it will receive the Android 4.3 OTA Update soon. If you will buy the Sprint Galaxy S4 from Amazon, you can choose from two different colors, white and black. Unfortunately, this offer is only available for the 16GB variant of the SGS4, but you can still choose to buy an external SD card and expand the overall storage.

Buy the White Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint from Amazon here.

Buy the Black Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint from Amazon here.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 1.9 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 600, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, Adreno 320 GPU, 13MP rear camera with multiple features and functions, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, TouchWiz Nautre UX 2.0, support for up to 64GB via external SDcard, 5.0 Full HD Super AMOLED display, 2600 mAh battery power.

Do you plan on buying the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Amazon? If you do, then you will make the jump from a different carrier to Sprint or you’re already on this particular carrier. Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Remember that this offer will be available starting this Sunday.