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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5

Use this guide if you want to learn how to take a screen capture of your Galaxy S5 device.

This is one of easiest tasks that you could ever need to learn and apply using your Galaxy S5 phone. Below you can two different methods and both of them should work flawlessly with your device.

All the instructions listed below should cover all the Galaxy S5 models and variants as it works with stock Android, custom ROMs, rooted and non-rooted devices. Note that in case your S5 device runs with a custom Kernel then the Screen capture function might be different and you should look for the kernel options.

How to take Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot

  1. Open the application or the menu that you wish to take a screen capture.
  2. Now, press and hold Power and Home buttons, both at the same time.
    – repeat the action more times, as it might not work at your first attempt.
  3. Hold the buttons pressed until you hear a shutter sound and the Galaxy S5 shows a photo frame.
  4. Go to Notification panel, there you will have the screenshot preview. Use the Share button or tap the photo to launch it.
  5. The screen capture can be always found in the Gallery app.

How to capture Galaxy S4 Screenshot using Hand Swipe  feature

Hand Swipe screenshot function has been added to all the latest Galaxy S phones and devices.

Note that in case your smartphone runs on a custom ROM, then all the Samsung S features might not be present. If that is the case then you should try and find the alternative function in the Custom ROM Settings menu or use the method above instead.

If your Galaxy S5 is 100% stock, then the instructions below will surely work.

  1. Open the Settings menu of your phone.
  2. Go to Motion.
  3. Open the Hand Motion menu.
  4. Check the box that’s listed near to Palm Swipe to Capture option.
    – this will enable Hand Swipe Screenshot feature.
    – if the feature was already enabled you should continue reading the rest of this tutorial’s instructions.
  5. Open the App that you wish to take a screenshot of and then get to the next step,
  6. Extend your palm, place it vertically on your Galaxy S5 device screen right or left edge, just like you would be ready to chop the device.
  7. Next, you need to swipe with your hand across the screen to the opposite edge.
    – the screenshot will be taken after you successfully swipe the screen once.
  8. Open the Notification panel and see the photo capture.
  9. Also, the screen capture can be found in Gallery.

I think that these were all the steps that you had to take in order to complete this tutorial.

If you cannot take a screen capture using the instructions above, then you might want to try an app from Google Play Store to help you. Get Screenshot tool by Lovekara.

If you have any other questions, then you should post them below.

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