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Carbon for Twitter Is Finally Available In Google Play Store

As of yesterday you will be able to install the highly-anticipated Carbon for Twitter client. Carbon was created by dots & lines developer and it bets on the same successful recipe that is already available on other platforms like BlackBerry and Windows Phone. After a wait that looked like it will never come to an end, Carbon for Android is finally available in Google Plays Store. Let’s see if it was worth it!

Carbon for Twitter looks great at the first glance and is here to deliver a unique experience for the micro-blogging platform. The Twitter client is not yet available for tablets, a disappointment reflected in the user’s reviews.

Carbon for Twitter was designed to provide a simple and clean experience and it does a great job. Gorgeous animations, accessibility and easiness, these are the determinant elements of the client. Moreover the black theme will be loved by many users, especially for those owning terminals with AMOLED displays.

Carbon has notifications for Twitter messages and mentionings. The app checks for new info every 15 minutes and pops the corresponding notifications. There are no other settings from the dedicated menu to be worth mentioning.

Maybe in the near future Carbon for Twitter will receive more features, but I doubt the developer will want to sacrifice the app’s simplicity, as this is the main reason Carbon became so popular and works flawlessly. There’s no lag or exaggerated loading times. It just runs really smooth.

From the main screen with a simple swipe gesture towards the upper right side you have access to your own tweets and messages. The menu button provides access to different options, also allowing you to save searches.

Carbon for Twitter only keeps the really useful aspects of the experience as a whole, making the use even easier. Moreover, you can also handle multiple accounts.

Carbon for Twitter is available for free, without adds, in Google Play Store.