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Carmageddon for Android Debuts in Google Play Store

The folks at Stainless Games Studio kept their word, launching the bloody racing game, Carmageddon, in a version dedicated for the mobile devices based on Android operating system. And, just like it happened when Carmageddon was launched for iOS, the game was available for download for free for 24 hours.

The full and free version of Carmageddon can be now downloaded from Google Play Store, but there are some limitations, though. The Carmageddon Promo version will not receive updates on the long run (a limitation that occurs due to Play Store terms and conditions) and it will be removed from the Android store by the end of the day. The users who do not want to experience the limitations of the promo version are invited to purchase the payed version of Carmageddon, for only $1.99.

As well, as a sign of appreciation for the iOS users, Carmageddon is also available for download for free in AppStore until the end of the day. The Android and iOS ports of Carmageddon benefits from gaming mechanics adapted for touch interfaces and improved graphics when compared to the old PC version.

Stainless Games is currently working to launch Carmageddon: Reincarnation, the official sequel of the series dedicated for the PC and the next-gen gaming consoles.