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Cheap Android Tablets for Less than $40 Available in India

With all those tablets released on the market it’s really hard not to be tempted to buy one for yourselves and this even if you don’t actually need one. It’s not bad to make yourself a surprise by getting a new gadget, but of course you must first afford it. But what do you say about a 40$ Android based tablet? Yes, it’s true; I’m not messing with you, though you have to go to India in order to buy one. Further aspects are detailed below, so check them out.

The above mentioned offer is being attributed exclusively for the Indian customers by the Indian Ministry of Education in order to introduce Android tablets to schools in rural areas that lack access to modern technology. This initiative has been promoted since last year, but so far nothing turned out to be true. But now, the Indian government confirmed everything the devices being already expected to arrive.

The government said that will buy more than 100,000 tablets. Each one will cost only $44 and it will be sold for just $22. Also, some of the tablets will be offered to students on the price tag of $35; furthermore, if you are an Indian customer, than you can buy this kind of tablet from retails for only $60; a cheap device indeed. It’s good to see things like this one taking place especially if you consider that in India the standard of living being lower compared to the European one.

But what does a tablet on such a low price can do? Well, the specs are not all outdated. From what we have heard the Android tablets will offer a 700 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB of internal storage memory, a 7 inch display, Wi-Fi, GPRS modem and the Gingerbread operating system. It’s more than enough for its purpose, the educational one. The tablets are named Aakash Ubislate 7+, being the same as the ones manufactured by DataWire, in the UK.

That’s all for now; stay close for further info as we will update you as soon as something new is being announced. Also, feel free to share your thought with us in the comments area from bellow.