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Chrome for Android Gets Updated, Two Extra Features Added

As of yesterday Chrome for Android has been updated with two more features that have been included only in the Beta version of the browser until now, namely password sync and autofill functionality. Both features has been added in the Chrome Beta for Android application only a month ago, and now they are included in the stable version.

The updated app is available on Google’s Play Store, but in case you already have Chrome For Android installed on your device, you can update directly from the handset. The Chrome for Android update can be very useful especially for the users who have trouble remembering their passwords as the password sync feature allows you to migrate your credentials to any Chrome browser you are using, and you won’t have to sigh-in to a certain website on every handset or PC you use.

As for the autofill function, it can be very helpful for those of you who have to fill out forms on a regular basis, as it can be very annoying doing that on a small screen. Google has stated that the update is being rolled out as we speak, but it can take a few days to be available for everyone, so be patient.

Apart from the mentioned features, the Chrome for Android update also fixes another issue. You have probably noticed that sometimes when you want to load a specific URL, the browser only shows you a blank page. Well, according to Google, that won’t happen anymore. Of course, there are some other minor tweaks that will come along with the update like some stability and performance enhancements, but I don’t know if they are going to be noticeable.

The features that brought by this new update have been included only on the desktop version of the browser, and it’s good to see that there isn’t much difference between the desktop and the Android Chrome.