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Chromecast Price Is $35, Available at Best Buy, Amazon and Google Play

Yesterday morning, Google officially introduced Chromecast, a dongle that is compatible with the modern TVs with HDMI support, which basically transforms your TV into a Smart TV compatible with YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome.

Equipped with a WiFi module, the Google Chromecast TV dongle is running a simplified version of ChromeOS to allow media playback/web browsing allowing another device to act as the remote. If your TV has HDMI 1.4 it will draw the power through HDMI, but it is also compatible with older TVs which will require the power cord according to a developer that got early access to the device.

Instead of a remote control, all you will need in order to stream videos or music through Google Chromecast is a PC running Chrome browser, and to sign in on the same Google account as on the Chromecast. Once that, the videos opened in the web interface of YouTube service will be streamed to your TV’s big screen.

According to Google, the Chromecast functionality will be soon integrated with other products developed by their partners, like TVs or Set-Top-Box devices.

If you want to purchase Chromecast learn that you will only have to pay $35 for Chromecast HDMI dongle with USB powercord then you will be able to control Youtube, Netflix and Google Music playback from your phone (iOS/Android) or computer (OSX/Windows/Linux running Chrome Browser) with upcoming Pandora and 3rd party app support. Moreover, after purchasing Chromecast you will get three-month subscription to Netflix for free.

You can order the new Google Chromecast TV dongle here, by simply hitting the Buy Now button and choosing one of the retailers that already have it stock: Google Play, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Update: Google Chromecast is already out of stock at Amazon. Rumor has it that about 100,000 Chromecast units have been sold already through Amazon. Fortunately, both Google Play and Best Buy still have it in stock, thus you might want to hurry up if you plan on purchasing the TV dongle.