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CM 10.1 official nightly update is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S3

CyanogenMod is the most popular software for Android as many of its users are installing it as soon as they get their hands on any Android device. We also have numerous tutorials on how to install CyanogenMod on different smartphones and tablets that run on Android OS. This time we are going to talk about CM 10.1 nightly which starting today will be available for Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S3. They are the lucky ones from a list of waiting devices who are still waiting for the aftermarket software to be available for them as well.

For some of you might sound strange that Samsung Galaxy S, the godfather of all top line Samsung smartphones, is getting this lab software, but it seems that people got attached to this device and have requested 10.1 nightly for it. Quite remarkable is that CyanogenMod folks have worked to accomplish their demands and left behind the development of 10.1 nightly for other “more actual” smartphones, but the Samsung Galaxy S has gained its place among classics and deserved this software more than other smartphones.

As for the other model which will enjoy the experimental version of 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is not as surprising at all, as we have expected to see it running on CM 10.1 nightly. But we have to mention that CM 10.1 nightly is not available for all Samsung Galaxy S or S3 devices, the software is limited to T-Mobile and AT&T versions, but soon enough other carriers will get their share of “goodies”.

The main pack of goodies consist of new home screen widgets, toggle in the notifications pane, profiles, Photos Sphere support and more, this being the advantage of having Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, over the classic Jelly Bean package.

But what is CM 10.1 nightly? It is an experimental software where users can test and report bugs and the developers can fix them in order to release a better, more stable version with no crashes at all and where everybody can enjoy the customizable menus and widgets. So if you are an adventurer you can head on and install the 10.1 nightly version for one of the two smartphones mentioned above and put your contribution into creating a stable version of the software by reporting any bugs you might experience. In order to download the CyanogenMod 10.1 nightly click on the link which correspond to your smartphone and go ahead to install it. If you have any problems installing it, just write them below in the comment area and we are going to help you as soon as possible.

We already have a guide to update your Galaxy S i9000 to CM 10.1.

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