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CM10.1 Nightlies to be Released soon for T-Mobile Galaxy S4

A leaked version of the CM10.1 ROM, the unofficial port of the firmware though, has been already spotted running on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, so fresh details about the official release of the update were highly expected by all of us. Well, now we have something to rely on as the CyanogenMod founder, Steve Kondik posted on Google+ that the Nightlies built of the Jelly Bean based CM10.1 OS will be released for the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S4 starting from tonight.

This means that the S4 model number SGH-M919 will be the first variant of the SGS4 to receive the official Nightlies CM10.1 custom ROM, while the other models of the smartphone will be enjoying the CyanogenMod touch as soon as the CM team will get the devices.

CyanogenMod is a free aftermarket distribution of the Android system and like any other custom ROMs, the firmware is coming with extra features, apps and capabilities (that cannot be found in the default version of the Jelly Bean software) that are being installed on top of the stock OS. Furthermore, CM is the one of the most popular custom firmware available on the market as the platform is suitable with almost all the Android powered smartphones and tablets, whether we are talking about high end or low end devices.

Anyway, for being able to flash the ROM you will have to own a rooted handset that is installed with a custom recovery image, which means that you will void the warranty of your Android based phone. Furthermore, it will be a good idea to backup your personal info first as during the update operation a full wipe will be required. However, it is recommended to follow suitable guides and tutorials for learning how to complete the mentioned operations; else you can end up in bricking your smartphones.

Well, that was all for now; remember that T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 will receive the Nightlies built of the CM10.1 ROM starting from tonight, so if you are looking forward in updating your phone with the same, stay close as we will bring a suitable step by step guide for you. Also, the other versions of the Galaxy S4 (the international model included) will soon receive the CyanogenMod treatment too, though an exact release date isn’t provided yet.