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CM10 nightlies released for a handful of devices

The CyanogenMod team has recently released the CM10 nightlies for a handful of devices, though more are due to be added to their list. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to release a CM10 nightly for every device they support, though it won’t take long probably.

Here are the devices that can enjoy Jelly Bean 4.1.1 currently:

  • The US SGS3 variants
  • The Galaxy Nexus variants
  • The Nexus S varaints
  • The Nexus 7
  • The Transformer and Transformer Prime
  • The SGS1 variants (Vibrant, Captivate, International, and i9000b)
  • The SGS2 i9100g
  • P3 and P5 tablets

For many other devices you can find preview builds, though they are usually very unstable, lack features and are not recommended to be used on a daily basis. As we already got used to, the CyanogenMod team works very fast and releases updates to newer Android versions before the phone makers, so we have to rely on them.

CM10 nightlies are not stable builds, though they are much better than previews. But they might not be for everyone, so if you want stability and a bug-free OS, we recommend you to stick with ICS because it works better. We are currently trying CM10 previews and nightlies on some devices, including the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note and the latest builds are satisfying.

If you want to give CM10 a try on your device, I suggest you to use the search function on our website and you will find the latest and greatest guides, opinions and reviews.

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