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CM10 Nightly is now available for the HTC One X, One S and EVO 4G LTE

About a month ago HTC promised to update a bunch of their devices to Jelly Bean, so customers became eager to get their hands on the new operating system. Though since then we’ve been waiting an no update came from HTC, so we can guess it will take a while until they manage to update their devices.

Fortunately the CyanogenMod team is working harder than the makers and we now have nightly Jelly Bean builds for three HTC devices.

The HTC One X, One S and EVO 4G LTE can now enjoy CM10 Jelly Bean, though it’s not 100% stable. Nightly builds are released each night and come with improvements, bug fixes and sometimes more features. If you really can’t wait for an official update or at least a CM10 RC build, then give it a try with the nightly one.

Until now you could only find experimental builds, which were highly unstable, though the nightly builds should be ready for daily use.

Hopefully we see a stable Jelly Bean ROM for the specified devices pretty soon and we can guess it will come from the CyanogenMod team. Please take caution if you intend to flash any custom ROM on your device because it might void your warranty and even brick your device. During the process you might also lose data, so make sure to perform a backup before beginning. We will soon release guides for all 3 devices, so make sure to check our website tomorrow.

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