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Confirmed: Google Nexus 4 Works on LTE for Canada & US

The XDA community is the best browsing place for an Android smartphone owner. It has been confirmed that the Nexus 4 has in fact support for 4G LTE for Canada and US.

When it was launched, the Google Nexus 4 smartphone specifications didn’t feature LTE support and even Google and LG confirmed that the LTE chip is included but it cannot work on LTE bands. Now, it seems like some guy at XDA managed to enable the LTE radio for his device and after the news emerged on Reddit and other social networks, more and more users have confirmed that their Nexus 4 device is capable of LTE.

At the moment, Nexus 4 works on Bell, Rogers, Telus in Canada, while the AT&T in US might work also, but this isn’t confirmed for now. The AT&T LTE Networks are using the same AWS spectrum bands as the Rogers and Bell networks from Canada; this means that your device might support LTE on some regions of the US. Note that the T-Mobile network will launch their own AWS spectrum only in 2013 and this means that you won’t be able to enable LTE.

Google and LG repeatedly said that their is no support for LTE and that the Nexus 4 cannot work on any LTE bands, and now everyone expects them to react and tell users why does the LTE radio is in fact working for the North American markets while the other world regions aren’t supported.

The guys at Anandtech.com managed to thoroughly test the theory.¬†You can use the video to enable the LTE support by looking at the video below or you can choose to use the instructions listed in our tutorial here. We cannot guarantee that all Nexus 4 phones will work for you. If you’re an owner of the Google Nexus 4 and you’re from US or Canada then you should give it a test.

Below you can view an YouTube video which confirms the LTE support for Google Nexus 4.