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Copy-paste Bug Reboots Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Other Samsung Devices

According to a report by TheNextWeb, the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and other smartphones and tablets that run on company’s proprietary TouchWiz UI are affected by a copy-paste clipboard bug that is rebooting the devices.

Even though it seems that the South Korea-based company is aware of the bug, as a posting on Samsung Developers forum dating October 22nd, 2012, but it’s been four months since and nothing has been done to fix the problem.

An YouTube video posted on Terence Eden’s channel shows how exactly the copy-paste bug is affecting the TouchWiz-based Samsung terminals.

You can go ahead and try to see whether the copy-paste bug also affects your Samsung device. Go to any website or text document, then start copying text to clipboard. Certain users are reporting that after performing this action for about 20 times, the smartphone will crash and reboot.

It seems that the copy-pate only affects the TouchWiz-based smartphone, with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 among them, but if you are running a custom ROM on your Samsung device you may not experience the same problems.

Anyway, I wonder why Samsung didn’t release a software update to fix the bug, yet, especially that this copy-paste clipboard bug have been brought to their attention for more than four months. Probably the South Korea-based company doesn’t consider the bug as a serious problem and never took the time to fix the issue. Probably the next major firmware update for the Samsung devices will also pack a fix for the copy-paste bug, but until then be careful how many items you move in the clipboard.

Has the copy-paste bug affected your Samsung TouchWiz terminal? Please let us know in the comments section below.


  • David

    copy/paste 20 times??? LOL! I’ve never done even 5 Copy/paste operations per session. leave it to someone to complain about some off-the-wall issue. sucks to be a perfectionist with too much time on one’s hands.

    • Guest

      Um, hey David, copy/paste 20 times is just a method of repeating the bug for debugging purposes. The point is that this is a very real and annoying bug for users. It could be an issue with the clipboard running out of memory and forcing the restart, so the copy/paste 20 times reproduction of the bug is a completely valid concern, as it is easily imaginable that a user would use copy/paste that many times between restarts (or that the potential memory limit is reached with less than 20 uses).

      Must be great to be such a snarky person that doesn’t understand anything.

      • David

        Can’t even log in with a name, can you, Mr. Rude?

        Guess what? the average person doesn’t even KNOW about this issue, much less care about it. the only people who carry on about stuff like that are whiny geeks.

        • Erinn

          You must be a kid because you are very rude. Why did you stop and read the article let alone post such unnecessary comments….because more than just Geeks care and it caught your interest. Also this a way to educate those who would not have known withouth this article. I hope you keep reading and grow up soon.

          • David

            ah, another geek. great. as if the world doesn’t have enough of them already. run along. But first…let me reiterate: the average person doesn’t give one flying crap about this “bug”. Only geeks care.

          • felipe

            I guess only geeks are smart enough to use copy paste, Huh?

            What do numbnuts like you use?

            What do you know about the average person?

  • Terminal 7 ™

    I use copy and paste loads. I have had a few reboots on my note 2 but didn’t think it may be copy-paste at fault. This is very interesting info .. thanks .
    Always love this sort of detective work. Its what comes together to improve the user experience in the end.

  • Asif

    There are two bugs that i have noticed on my International version of Note 2. When you try to move around apps it 2 out 10 times gives an error that touchviz has crashed. However, the phone is not rebooted. Second bug is that some times the phone gets in a hang state and throws and error that google.something.something crashed and that too doesn’t restart the phone rather puts it into a comma for a second or two.

  • Guy

    David please just shut ur mouth

  • Guy

    Useless young hero like David will never learn

  • Bob’s burger

    Thank God I wasn’t the only one expecting this cause I thought it was my device only but it’s a known issue for other users ad well.

    Hopefully they get on the ball with this!
    Why have they gotten to this? Why?

  • Chuck

    Yes and it drives me nuts since i copy and paste all the time.

    • Kodi

      I’ve been experiencing this more and more. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  • Drake

    SGS 3, sgh-i747 had it happen quite a few times, while doing normal things, copy and pasting a number of times should not make a difference, but some people are saying people are silly for copying / pasting 20 times. quite frankly their ignorance is amusing.

  • Total_telecom

    It’s hitting me, and it’s always something important. Before the 4.1 update rooted users could clear the copy paste data accumulated which causes the crash. It’s just a little different in 4.1. But the problem has carried over from ICS, and its still the clipboard running out of resources, seems there should be a way to wipe it? Samsung or a dev has no toolkit to even clear the copy paste data

  • Roy

    I have had this issue myself and thought it would be a memory error.. Users can clear their clipboard by long press on dialler entry and select clipboard then clear option.

  • Ravi888

    This happens at least once a day for me, every time I copy and paste something. I think to myself.. is it worth it, should I just type it. Do I want to risk another stupid reboot. Twice today so far, only copy and pasted 5 times.. so 50%.. ugh.

  • Just had a reboot and now I’m here..

  • Brook GS3

    It happens to me after 3 times at least and it is so annoying the point of copy/pasting things is to save them then it crashes and everything is gone. Come on Samsung.

  • Web Support

    This is also happening on my IIIG phone–once when it happened, it also hosed my SD card as well. This is a bug which really needs to be fixed.

  • lady

    Nope. I just tried it out. Copied around 30 things and everything is ok. The only problem I ever had was when my memory got 100% full from my friend using it to film everthing I couldn’t get into my galary to delete anything. I had to delete a few apps just to get in and then it wouldn’t let me preview the pictures or films before I deleted them. It was really annoying and I lost some good stuff but in the end everything was fixable.

  • kmaemay

    I’ve had a Note 2 for a 1 1/2 yrs. I’ve never been able to copy and paste. I would like to. Have they come up with a solution yet?