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Create Facebook Cover Photos Right From Your Android Smartphone

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo App

A few months back, Facebook announced the introduction of a new profile UI which has been called ‘timeline’ and despite this not being an original idea they still managed to make it interesting because of the Cover Photo feature that you can add to your profile page. Here you can learn how to create and change your Facebook Cover Photo fast and easy with help from a single small application.

The Facebook Timeline Covers: D33P app allows users to make their own cover photos and upload them straight to their Facebook timeline profile page. The best thing about this Android app is that it is free and you can download it from Google’s Play Store.

However, there is still a small problem ¬†as after you create and upload the cover photo for your profile, the pictures will be automatically watermarked, but considering that this is a free app then it is a small ‘price’ to pay for a convenient way to update it right from your Android phone. In case you still wish to learn how to create Facebook cover photos with this app then you should follow the steps listed below:

  1.  Install the app on your Android phone by clicking the Play Store link listed a few lines above.
  2. Launch it and allow it to access your Facebook account.
  3. Tap on the section where the cover photo is located and then you will be taken to the edit screen.
  4. You can choose from user generated cover pictures or you can snap photos from FB’s news feeder. Also you can browse your phone for pictures or you can even get from your friends’ profile pages.
  5. After you’ve selected the photo you will be shown a preview and see what it will look like on your Facebook profile page. Note that here the watermark isn’t displayed.
  6. Upload the photo.
  7. Log into your Facebook profile and go to the album created by the application. Set the picture you’ve uploaded with your phone as the new cover photo. Alternatively you can set it as the profile picture.

That should do it and if the watermark doesn’t bother you much then you should be happy as you’ve managed to find an Android app that allows you to upload photos from your phone to your Facebook profile and set them as cover or profile photos. If you have any other questions then you should leave them as comments at the end of this article.