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CM 11 M8 Android 4.4.4 Stable ROM Available For Over 80 Devices

The CyanogenMod team has finally completed the work on the M8 Stable builds of CM 11 and, you can install this new ROM Snapshot build on over 80 different Android devices.

As you already know the CM 11 M8 release builds are based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat AOSP and it is possibly one of the most popular custom ROMs ever created along with Paranoid Android and AOKP. After installing this new M8 Snapshot ROM of CM 11 you will get support tons of extra features that should offer you one of the best Android experiences.

CyanogenMod 11 M8 Android 4.4.4 snapshots are adding support for several new devices that weren’t previously fully supported by the released KitKat Nightlies: Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S Relay 4G, OnePlus One, Xperia Z1 Compact, Acer Iconia Tab A70, Oppo Find 7a, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and the Xperia Z2.

With Android 4.4.4 CM 11 M8 Snapshot released you will get the following major changes: ‘heads up’ notification, VPN fixes, custom homescreen grid sizes, Interface replaced by Status Bar, Notification Drawer and Gestures, now the ‘expanded desktop’ option is listed under ‘display’, all lock screen related elements are now under ‘lock screen’ while all duplicates have been removed from ‘Security’ menu, Navigation Bar controls are now found under Buttons, added Protected Apps component, Search Panel Google Now option added to Trebuchet launcher, Whisper push fixed, and others more.

Check CyanogenMod’s Download page here and see if there is a CM 11 M8 Android 4.4.4 Snapshot build available for your Android device. Note that for these builds to work with your smartphone or tablet, then you will have to first root their firmware and flash a custom Recovery like CWM, TWRP or Philz.

Remember that the M8 Snapshots are the Stable builds of CM 11 and you can’t get any other better CM 11 builds, but if you want to stay updated with the latest changes added by the CyanogenMod team, then you will have to use the Nightlies builds. Also, note that by installing a custom ROM you will void your device’s warranty.

Try the new CM 11 M8 KitKat 4.4.4 Stable builds and tell us which are its best new features and how’s the battery life under this new custom ROM.

Check the guides below if you want to install the new CM 11 M8 KitKat 4.4.4 ROM on various Android devices:

Samsung – Galaxy S I9000, Galaxy Note 2 N7100, Galaxy Note 3 LTE, Galaxy S3 I9300, Galaxy S4 LTE I9505.

LG – LG G2.

Motorola – Motorola Droid RAZR.

Google – Nexus 4.

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