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CyanogenMod 11 Screencast video recording app is now available for download

CyanogenMod team continues to work on releasing the best stock Android experience for users worldwide. The application is available for download from Google Play Store or you can flash a CM 11 Nightly ROM, so that you’ll test it while its fully integrated with your phone’s installed OS.

Koushik Dutta, CM developer, it’s the one who worked, integrated and launched the CM 11 Screencast with video recording support for all Android users who want to test it. Kousik Dutta has launched the Allcast app too, it’s an app that allows you to stream media content to your TV and other displays in your home that are connected to internet.

CyanogenMod Screencast app is capable of capturing video and all actions that are taking place on your device, it basically works just like screenshot applications. You can use the same button combination to launch Screencast.

In CM 11 Nightly builds the Screencast app can be enabled / disable from the notification bar. It works with both tablets and devices, but you need to know that it is supported only if your device is rooted and running at least Android 4.4.1 KitKat. In the future Koushik Dutta and the CM team are hoping to add support for non-rooted devices as well.

At this moment, the CM Screencast is in its ‘beta’ stage, which means that you will need to register for testing and connect with the Google+ community in order to use the app. After you install the application you should launch and test all of its features.

After you launch the app you will be asked if you agree to video record and capture audio via in-built phone microphone. The capability of capturing even audio is the greatest thing about this application, as you can easily record a ‘how-to’ video with sound without the need of using any external audio capturing sources.

If you want to test the CM Screencast app, then you should first register with the CyanogenMod Google+ Community here.

After you are done with the registration you can head to Google Play Store and download the CyanogenMod Screencast app.

Launch the application on your phone, then start testing it. Tell us in comments if you find any errors or bugs while using it. Also, make sure to head to the CyanogenMod Google+ community to report all the bugs that you detect.

This app is still in its beta phase, but soon the work on it should be completed and we will get the final build and stable one.