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CyanogenMod Developers Are NOT Saying No To Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Earlyer this day you could read that CyanogenMod Developers won’t release official CM ROM builds for the Samsung Galaxy S4, but things got even clear about this situation as CyanogenMod officially responded to this thread which started on their forum. The clarifications came through their official Google Plus channel and it’s more settling for those who wished to purchase the newest Galaxy S4 and customize it with CyanogenMod. As you could read our previous post regarding this subject, all the confusion came from a forum post in which several developers were not happy that Samsung haven’t released the sources from which the CyanogenMod ports can be made.

And this was true, as CodeworkX, Entropy 512 and Gokhan Moral previously said, but people rushed into misleading rumors and created confusion on this subject. As I said, CyanogenMod clarified the situation on their Google Plus account by punctuating some  important facts about how the whole development process is working.

Below you have some of the main ideas of the statement:

  • CyanogenMod does not pre-announce support or lack of support for devices;
  • The comments regarding the support of Galaxy S4 came as an individual opinion and not as an official point of view of the organization;
  • In the organization decides not to support a device, there will be an officiall statement on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or the CM blog, not on a forum post;
  • CM won’t release any S4 custom port at this time and such ports won’t be available until the device will be sold at retail.

You can check the original and full statement on CM Google + page.

As for the entire situation, well, it’s too early to jump on a conclusion, and as they said, we’ll have to wait until the device will be available to consumers and after that we can expect for any CM software. I hope that this was clear enough for those of you who worried about CM not supporting Galaxy S4 smartphone and gave you hope that soon enough after the product will be available at carriers you will get the most wanted after-market software.

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